3 fictional guides to love, life, friendship, and independence

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3 fictional guides to an easier life Copyright: Fig Tree, The Borough Press, HarperCollins

With so much free time in summer, books are the best way to keep your mind busy! 

There's something about sitting in the sun, sunglasses on and a book in hand that just can't be topped on the best of days, or is that just me? But for you, a vanilla soy latte, sitting on the sofa, blanket and a book in hand is a must this winter.

These books will teach you about love, friendship, and a search for independence more than you thought you needed. Sometimes it can be hard navigating your way through early adulthood, but with books like these, they become your trusted best friend in your bag, and you will find life becomes a little easier.

The female authors will take you to a new little world, a world that needs to be shared so here are some of the top books from this summer.

So Lucky- Dawn O’Porter

Ruby, Beth and Lauren will take your interest in the Sunday Times top ten best seller So Lucky by the glamorous Dawn O’porter. One day is all it took me to read this creation, and not because it's little because it's not. It is 382 pages of pure joy, laughter and shock. And for that reason, you just don't want to put it down. You will step into the shoes of three completely different women. Ruby, a mother who is certain she isn't doing anything right. Beth, a married woman with a new baby, but whose sex life is somewhat non-existent. Then lastly perfect Lauren, well perfect from the view of an Instagram screen. These three women lead their lives completely separately throughout the book, so you'll have the excitement of jumping between these individual stories. In avoiding spoilers, it takes all three of their journeys for them to understand the truth within themselves. If you have ever doubted yourself for a moment, lost confidence in yourself, or felt like you needed to pretend to be someone you are not, then ‘So Lucky’ is a must read to put those doubts to bed. I loved every moment of this book as it demonstrated perfectly what it means to be a woman in so many different aspects. No matter what kind of person you are, this book will relate to you in a way which you will come out feeling comfortable and stronger within.  

Everything I Know About Love - Dolly Alderton

Everything I know about love by Dolly Alderton was furiously funny and beautiful, a book of what love truly is. Female friendships, drinking red wine in a grubby old apartment in London that's obviously way too expensive for itself but it's just perfect at the same time. A tale of what you thought and wanted love to be from your teens through to casual uni sex, wild one-night stands, the accepting of love and finding yourself in your twenties. Dolly is a character who you fall in love with instantly, she's the girl who’ll be the big sister you never knew you needed, the girl who’ll show you that a good night starts at two in the morning, a girl you'll want to sit with at an afterparty and split your amber leaf with, she's the best friend everyone needs in their life. And she's here navigating her way through her twenties just in front of us. As we step into our twenties whilst at uni, books like this are needed for us young women stepping into such an exciting but also a daunting time, and Dolly is there for us each step of the way to make all the trial errors so that we shouldn't feel so bad about doing the same. Get yourself a copy of ‘Everything I Know About Love’, it'll be a lifetime staple to your collection, and a book you'll hand out to every friend after you've read.

Adults - Emma Jane Unsworth

Emma Jane Unsworth creates a heart-warming and heart-breaking page turner of a book, that feels so relatable from start to finish. Adults really reflect that trying to be yourself in this day and age of social media can be tricky, and she demonstrates why we shouldn't get so wrapped up in that world. It's a funny tale that shows us you could have a mortgage that is a mystery as to how it'll be paid now that your ex has moved out, losing touch with your best friend, obsessed with other women living the perfect picture life online or having your mum turn up on your doorstep. This is jenny’s reality, and we want to hear it. We all have a bit of Jenny in us, and it is that part of ourselves waiting to take the leap and rescue ourselves. Jenny really is a woman we all know and a woman who needs a shake and a reality check, however sometimes this cannot be done with the help of the people we love around us, sometimes that makes it harder, this book is about Jenny doing it for herself by herself. Just how we need to be sometimes.

Having a good book in your bag is a must, there's only so much sitting in front of, scrolling or texting on a screen that can be done. Get yourself a real page turner now!