Amber Bain at The Roundhouse!!!

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I was thrilled to be invited to attend and photograph The Japanese House’s gig at the Roundhouse, London earlier this month. After spending the day roaming around Camden’s plethora of markets and shops, it was time to go into the venue and chat with the other photographers while we all waited. The lights dimmed and we were ushered through the crowd to just in front of the stage as we watched Amber and the band walk out, getting ready to perform ‘Touching Yourself’. We had the duration of three songs to shoot and it was incredibly challenging with the number of photographers in a small space. Everyone was super considerate though, we were all trying to take turns and not get in anyone's way - it was not as hard as it could’ve been. The two songs that followed were ‘Sad To Breathe’ and ‘Something Has To Change’, both of which are absolute tunes and obviously I was singing along between shooting. Despite having tiny little earplugs in, I could hear the crowd screaming along to the songs (and helping Amber remember the lyrics), which was so surreal and made me feel super accomplished to be photographing my favourite band, one that many people love just as much as me. 


After the three songs, we stood to the side and watched the rest of the set. Amber played ‘Friends’ which is one of my favourites from the new album, and I hadn’t heard it live before so I really soaked up that moment. Too, she got the crowd all excited, teasing ‘f a r a w a y’, from her debut album, of course she played it and her performance was exceptional. Toward the end of the concert, Amber started to talk about new music coming, and she surprised us with a new song ‘Smiley Face’ which she said is her favourite song she’s ever written. It’s definitely a song that gets an audience moving and dancing with one another. I’ll be listening to it while waiting for the single to get released and, hopefully, a new album oooo…  


I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity and if you can, go to a The Japanese House gig!!!



Photo by Me, @Mauraage on Instagram