An Interview with Beabadoobee


Back in October I was fortunate to receive early review copy of Beabadoobee’s debut album, however as well as reviewing the album, which can be found right here on Nerve Now, I had the pleasure of asking Beabadoobee a couple of questions about her first LP, what it was like to tour with The 1975, as well as, what we can expect from her in the future. As always, I hope you enjoy!

Dan: Hello Bea thank you for speaking with me. First question, could you talk us through your general songwriting process?

Bea (Beabadoobee): Hello! I mainly write everything in my bedroom on an acoustic guitar and then take it to the studio. Everything comes out at once usually, initially just lyrics and chords. I might go through some time where I don’t write for a week or so and then a few songs will just write themselves! It’s usually after experiencing

Dan: What did you want to express and achieve with this album?

Bea: The main theme of Fake It Flowers was to say things that I couldn’t say to people, and in 12 songs. I was trying to express things I wasn’t able to express personally or directly but did in song. Also, there were some moments where it was a story of a friend of mine or people close to me.

Dan: You have five EPs under your belt; was there any reason why you didn’t include any of those songs on your debut album?

Bea: I like to move forward and I had new songs. I wanted the debut album to be a new body of work and to be a fresh expression.

Dan: Dye it Red is personally my favorite song on the record. I’ve got to ask if it was inspired by Nirvana by any chance, as the guitar sounds similar to In Bloom?

No one’s ever said that before – that’s pretty cool. I never thought of that until now.

Dan: What other influences, if any, did you take when writing the songs for Fake It Flowers?

Bea: My love for bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, some Sonic Youth recording parts, some Dinosaur Jr and even moments of Disney films.

Dan: What is it like to tour and work with The 1975?

Bea: The best. And, if I could, I would do it all year long. The greatest people to be around and they inspire me a lot. I hope to tour with them again one day.

Dan: Do you plan on playing the album in its entirety on your tour next year? Or will it be a combination of songs from the album and older songs?

Bea: Absolutely! The album won’t be fully complete until I play it in its entirety on my own shows coming up. I definitely plan to do that. There’s a video of the entire album being played in full on YouTube so people can get the feel for it in the meantime, while we all wait for shows to be back in our lives. Do have a look if you haven’t yet! It’s in the exact order of the album.

Dan: With the current Covid-19 situation have you been able to find the time to write or perhaps record other material?

Bea: Yes. I have made another project this year and making plans which I’m excited to share but right now I’m still very much in the Fake It Flowers mode and era. I’m very happy with how the album came out and just enjoying giving birth to my debut!

Dan: So, could we expect another EP or album perhaps sooner than expected?

Bea: I would say yeah, hold tight!

Beabadoobee’s debut album Fake It Flowers is OUT NOW


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