Beabadoobee: Live at Southampton Engine Rooms

Indie rock singer-songwriter Beabadoobee took to the stage of Southampton Engine Rooms as part of her ‘Beatopia Tour.’

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Beabadoobee. Pic. Belinda Teoh

Indie rock singer-songwriter Beabadoobee took to the stage of Southampton Engine Rooms as part of her ‘Beatopia Tour.’

The Filipino singer from West London has over a billion streams on Spotify after finding fame on TikTok with her hit song ‘Coffee,’ as well as previously opening for artists like the 1975 and Clairo and being a nominee for the Rising Star Award at the 2020 Brit Awards.

The show was opened by 'Pretty Sick,' a New York-based rock band, who provided a very energetic set that included a lot of bouncing and wooing from the crowd. Two fangirls yelled their names so loudly the main singer, Sabrina Fuentes, saw them and gave them a shout out, which sent them into a craze.

As their set came to a close, the audience was buzzing for Beabadoobee (aka Beatrice Kristi Laus) to take the stage. She kicked off the night with a vibrant performance of '10:36,' the opening song off her latest album 'Beatopia,' which set the tone for the remainder of the show, which included a packed-out venue singing along to all of her hits – Her impeccable vocals sounding exactly the same as she does on the radio – it’s uncanny. 

The majority of the setlist consisted of songs from her most recent album, 'Beatopia' which was released this summer, and has since received over 65 million Spotify plays, ranking it first on the UK Independent Albums chart. The album features songs like 'See You Soon,' which she described as her personal favourite to perform, and 'Talk' which she exclaimed during the show with her cute high-pitched voice, "it's f****** Tuesday!" Before leaping into the song with passion, singing the lyrics: "Call you up on a Tuesday... we go out on a Tuesday."

Later on in the evening, Bea performed an acoustic performance of her debut song ‘Coffee,’ which proved to be a hit with the crowd who sang along and waved their phone torches, creating a beautiful ambiance. She also performed another acoustic song ‘Ripples,’ making her sound like a fictional artist dreamed up to the soundtrack of a teen movie. 

The audience was completely engrossed in the performance and left wanting more, yelling out her name whilst they shouted in unison "one more song" and "encore." Bea swiftly returned to the stage after switching back to her electric guitar, declaring she wanted to perform "one last song" for us, closing the night with the song 'Cologne' from her EP, which was released in 2021, featuring a lot of head banging and jumping from herself and the audience.

A Beabadoobee gig can promise an electric atmosphere and a high chance that you will leave with at least one song, if not multiple, stuck in your head thanks to a catchy and lively setlist with lyrics that promise to stay deep rooted into your brain for hours and you’ll be singing "I make a cup of coffee for your head" and "maybe tomorrow we'll be okay (when it's a sunny day)" for weeks.




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