Black Water County and their love for Guinness!

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The Only Life Worth Living

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ARTIST: Black Water County

TICKET RELEASE: 10am, Wednesday, 5th July 2023

GENRE: Folk Punk Metal

LABEL: BWC Music Ltd


Black Water County had a super successful start to their career; independently releasing 'Taking Chances', their first studio album, and after many years of touring different venues, they are back and bigger than ever with the announcement of their third album and a full November headline tour.

To kick off all the excitement, on June, 16th 2023 everyone, everywhere could start streaming 'The Only Life Worth Living', and also watch the accompanying music video on Youtube. Fair to say, they did incredibly well encapsulating the heaviness but also the sincerity of the song in the music video; the colours and tones are genuine and we are allowed to see the rawness of the band in their performance. Watch here:

The cherry on top was the fact BWC announced a hometown album release show at Bournemouth Old Fire Station on Saturday, 16th of December, which will be the only show where they play the new album in its entirety! And, when speaking to Brad, he may have teased at "special guests and surprise appearances". See you all at The Old Fire Station, and if you can't make it, make sure you get to one of the other dates listed below!

I had the pleasure of speaking to the guitarist, Brad, and he had a lot of fun stuff to say! 


What's the craziest story that has happened to you as a band?

Craziest Story is tough! We’ve been together 10 years now so we’ve seen more than our fair share of crazy! I am however going to pick one from a few years back. We were playing a festival called ‘blue balls festival’ now I know what you’re thinking but this festival was in Lucerne, Switzerland and they had no idea why we kept sniggering at the name.

Anyway, we arrive and stay the first night in a run-down little hotel that we had booked ourselves on the cheap - This was all fine and we explored the sites and befriended a barman for free drinks! The next day we meet up with the festival liason and they provided accommodation for after our performance. We enter a very fancy hotel, the ballroom of which was l where we would be playing that night. We are then informed we each have our own room in this 5 STAR HOTEL! We rushed to our rooms like excited children - each had our own free smartphone inside to use during our stay and a balcony overlooking the Swiss mountains! It felt like a ‘we made it’ moment - this hasn’t happened since :D but yeah it was crazy surreal! We are used to breaking down in a rusty transit in the middle of nowhere! 


Where did the band's name come from?

We are big lovers of beer and that beer choice tends to be Guinness! Which we used to call Black Water - we felt it would be a great name but lacked something! So we added the County on the end!


What's the story/inspiration behind your latest single?

The Only Life Worth Living is about keeping an open mind, opening doors, and moving forward. The song summarises our feelings coming out of a hard couple of years for both the band and the industry as a whole. To us, it means full ‘balls-to-the-wall’ energy because life is too short. As times have become tougher our writing has reflected some of these struggles and we’ve found ourselves focusing on what really matters to us. This track was initially conceptualized pre-covid but was refined over many video calls during lockdown, forcing us to think outside our normal writing process. Because of this, we think that it has grown into a track that longs to be shouted from the rooftops and, now that we’re back out on the road, we’re so thrilled to be performing again to our audience, knowing that they’re stoked to be back out in the wild too.


It was an absolute pleasure to speak with Brad, and I really appreciate the time he took to answer my questions. I'm super excited for the new album release and for the future of Black Water County :) See you all at Old Fire Station!