Blinkist: an app all students need.

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“Perfect for curious people that love learning, for busy people that don’t have time to read, and even for people who aren’t into reading” – Blinkist official website 2021

Are you looking for efficient life-hacks when it comes to managing the education-work-life balance? Do you feel like timing is definitely a problem for you?

Well, Blinkist is definitely something students should look into. If timing is one of the issues you are constantly struggle with, hobbies and necessities such as reading don’t go hand in hand. Here is where the app comes in useful as with Blinkist, you can essentially understand a reading with just their 15 minute summary, saving lots of time and energy.

Blinkest co-founder and CEO, Holger Seim told tech EU in an interview, linked here, that : 'Blinkist is a mobile app that takes high-quality nonfiction books and breaks them down into their most important messages, so that the key insights from entire books can be read or listened to in just 15 minutes.' 

As seen in the official video here, Blikist is an app used for learning and educational purposes. Launched in 2012 with the aim of helping book and reading lovers aid their hobby, whilst maintaining their busy work duties and lifestyles. At present, it has over 5,000 books and podcasts on all types of educational and non-fiction topics, with over 90,000 four-star reviews.

Blilnkist offers 15 minute insights from all books out of a multitude of subjects. The variety of choices regarding the resources offered, their genres and themes makes the app more appealing and intriguing all-together. The app was created by professionals for professionals at first, but now it manage to reach far beyond and to the general public, and it’s still ascending. You can check more information on their official website at:



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