Fever 333 – Wrong Generation – EP Review


A Fever is coming and I don’t mean the Covid type because rap metal’s most socially relevant band are back with a brand new EP. Formed by Travis Barker and front man Jason Aalon Butler in 2017 with the aim of being the Rage Against The Machine of a new generation, Fever 333 blend together energetic metal riffs with an outspoken political stance and rap lyrics to satisfy any anti-establishment rock fans. After 2017’s Grammy Award nominated, Made An America, and their 2019 debut album Strength In Numb333rs, the Fever 333 have now released their new EP, Wrong Generation, and with George Floyd’s death, the subsequent popularization of Black Lives Matter, plus America’s Covid failures, it’s about time this Fever arrived.

(Wrong Generation EP Cover Art)

The EP starts with a literal bang with the explosive Bite Back. This thrash metal anthem will get any metal fan head banging with its sheer frantic energy typical of Fever 333. Following on is the more hip hop leaning Block Is On Fire. With a catchy chorus and softer sound with an emphasis on drums, this song showcases Fever’s rap side in a way that satisfies rap and rock fans alike. Next up is the title track, Wrong Generation, and, similar to the previous track, Block Is On Fire, this track is a more hip hop leaning track until it switches gear and genres for its eruption of a finale.

This finale feeds perfectly into the EP’s next track, You Wanted A Fight. This track echoes some of the influences Rage Against The Machine has on this band with its repetitive politically charged lyrics screamed over thrashing drums and roaring guitars. Once concerts are allowed to take place again, many will be hitting the mosh pits for this one. Keeping up the energy, catchy beat and repetitive lyrics is the EP’s next song Walk The Fire Together. This song is a little more soulful for Fever, as it starts with a stomp clap choir version of the chorus, before going typically Fever thrash rap metal on us, until ending with yet another stomp clap rendition of the chorus.

(Wrong Generation Virtual Concert Poster)

On For The Record, the sixth song of the EP, Fever 333 go full velocity speed metal scream. The song is definitely for fans of Fever’s heavier side and heavy music in general, nonetheless it is a great song the shows Fever’s musical mastery and versatility. Speaking of versatility, the penultimate song on Wrong Generation is a ballad titled The Last Time. This track, which comes in at just over a minutes long, acts as a haunting interlude that looks to call out societal bodies, such as the government, that seek to oppress any minority or community. This brief song encapsulates the entire EP’s message perfectly; similar to the title track’s chorus “You’ve fucked with the wrong generation.” Finally, this monster of an EP ends with the previously released single, Supremacy. This bouncy anthem may not be the best track on the EP as it’s chorus loses itself at the end, however it’s nonetheless a satisfying and upbeat sounding finale to a stellar EP that leaves you wanting more.

Overall, Wrong Generation doesn’t reach the heights of Strength In Numb333r’s, which is one of my favorite albums by the way, but it is an excellent EP similar to Fever’s first. Rough around the edges as can be expected of an EP, however, much of Wrong Generation would be right at home on any future LP Fever 333 may put out. But what is most important about Wrong Generation, is that it gives us a satisfying fix of new music, whilst leaving us hungry and eager for more.

Fever 333 are going on a global virtual concert tour this October. Their London Demonstration takes place today at 8PM. Further Dates include Los Angeles, Sydney, Tokyo, New York City, Moscow and Chicago. View the poster above, or visit Fever333.com for more details.


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