Get involved with Online Creative Platforms

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The entertainment industry opens a world of creativity, enjoyment, and pleasure for many whether that is through creating music, scriptwriting for a television show or even if you just love being entertained rather than being the entertainer.

However, there are certain resources that benefit both the entertainer and the audience such as online platforms that are made by artists for artists and creatives. It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of your journey or if you have started your career already and are looking for a plunge, a push, or an ascending. Some platforms help you gain industry insights and news, real life perspectives and opinions from interviews with your favourite icons, must dos’.

Also, a lot of these online platforms offer awesome online live shows and performances for the audience’s pursual.

One platform is Apprentice Nation. This is a career and skills development platform addressed to the general youth and young adults, and to under-voiced audience. they inspire their target audience to get involved through the help of the music industry. 

It was created by RockCrops and WhiteHat with the scope of promoting the benefits of applying for apprenticeship jobs and for boosting the general number of apprenticeships offered, hence the name ‘Apprentice Nation.’

It is almost like a game, the more exercises, and events you sign up for, the more points and badges you can collect, and so the more rewards you can receive. Some of the rewards can be invitations to exclusive online and live shows, concerts, and Q&A interviews with special guests. Some of these guests include AJ Tracey, IAMDDB, 6LACK, Raye and many more. Something all music lovers can enjoy!

Another creative platform is Juice Nation, offering businesses the opportunity to invest in talent across the Northwest whilst young people are given the chance to work some of the UK’s biggest ever brands. Some of these brands include UNILAD, AMC Cinemas, Manchester Airport and many more!

The academy specialises in finding and nurturing creative talent, their passion is creating quality roles for people in their sector, digital marketing, playing a vital role in changing lives and helping fill the huge digital skills gap.

Creative Lives in Progress is an inclusive creative careers resource on a mission to transform the way future talent access, understand and connect with the industry. Encouraging greater representation in the working world by sharing advice and insight, highlighting amazing opportunities and hosting events that bring talent and industry together. 

Platforms such as Apprentice Nation, Juice Nation and Creative Lives in Progress offer the best opportunities to the talented and the talentless to improve and expand the entertainment industry, change people’s lives and offer opportunities that you would not receive in a different industry.