How to plan and organise your week efficiently

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As a student planning is vital for staying on track with your studies and in day-to-day life. Staying organised can reduce stress and will ensure everything is done on time. Here are a few key tips for planning and organising your week efficiently. 


Have a routine for planning your week

Setting a day to plan your week will ensure it always gets done. Planning your week every Sunday evening, for example, is a great way to reset and go into the week feeling positive and fresh. Doing this also means you will go to bed with peace of mind that you know what needs to be done in the upcoming week.


Prioritise what needs to be done

When planning your week, writing down your priorities first will ensure you get them done and can help prevent procrastination. After this, you can schedule in what you would like to do, such as reading or watching films.


Colour code your week

If seeing colour helps you remember things and makes things more appealing, colour coding your week could be a good idea. You could have a different colour for different parts of your life, such as studying, socialising and lectures. This will make it easier 


Highlight the important parts

As well as colour coding your week, highlighting important parts of your week with a bold colour will ensure you don’t forget them. For example, you could do this if you have an assignment due, or if you need to do a food shop on a certain day.


Buy an academic diary

Having an academic diary can be a life saver. They are useful because you can take them anywhere with you and you can use them to plan your days as well as writing daily to-do lists. Macmillian do a student planner each year which includes a week by week planner, student recipies, tables to keep track of your finances, a place to create a revision timetable, write exam dates, note feedback from assignments and lots more - buy one here


Get a planner for your wall

As well as an academic diary, having a planner to hang up can be helpful because it will always be on show. You could put it on your desk, on the wall next to your bed or next to your door. Having a planner to hang up also means you can amend it easily. Check out this colourful 2022 wall planner to kickstart your organisation next year. 


Write daily to-do lists

Writing a fresh to-do list every morning is a great way of knowing what needs to be done; it can also be motivating, because it is always satisfying being able to tick something off the list. 



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