IAMDDB's second revenge tour was a hit show in London

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Copyright: Daniela Alistar

Do you enjoy music? Still feeling excited about going to concerts and jamming out with the socialite part of you that got a little bored because of the pandemic?

If you didn’t attend IAMDDB’S second REVENGE tour concert in London, you definitely missed out!

The theme was vibes and energies, and oh how it showed!

IAMDDB the hot ethnicity cocktail mix artist is based in the UK, in Manchester, the place where she also started her career. Since about four or five years she has ascended from local gig star to top all-trendy and popular icon. 

She has a unique way of expression and connection with her sound and rhythm transmitting this further to the fans. She pays attention to the most important elements. 

These are creating a euphoric atmosphere where the fans are completely immersed in the singing and the sound; make use of powerful visuals; and creating an intoxicating feeling of synchronicity. Moreover, she stands for powerful values and principles such as empowerment and support. 

There was a moment when she invited random fans from the public, both girls and boys, up on the stage for a dance-off. She said: “here on the stage there is no shyness, you can be who you want”; and “the rest in the audience we will all support you, nobody there I want to hear laugh.”

Let’s not forget about the intriguing ability of the artist to delight us with so many types of different musical flavours. This is also because her music genre is interesting in itself with a rap, spiritual rhythms, hip-hop, afro-beats, and urban jazz mix.

Anyhow, my point is the energies were felt and her voice was pure magic. I definitely missed concerts.