International Women's Day: What You Should Know.

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March is Women’s history month, a month to commemorate the achievements of women who have had a vital role in history and society and pay a tribute to their contributions. Tuesday 8th is International Women’s day , a day to acknowledge achievements and proudly look at how far we have come, but also consider injustices women may still be facing. Here is what is going on at your university. The day is about gender equality, for men, women, non-binary and everyone in-between.  


1. International Womens Day Market. 8th March 10am-3pm at the SUBU student centre. 

  • Female-led businesses, charities and groups.  

  • Buy from independent companies (maybe a Mother’s day present? Which is the 27th March btw) 

  • Music from Nerve Radio’s female presenters 

  • Link here to more info.


2. Cycle Like a Girl Bike Skills night. 8th March 6.15-7.30pm 

  • Run by Cycle like a Girl and BU you can learn bike safety in a supportive and traffic-free environment (Talbot Campus) before Thursday’s group ride (see point 3) 

  • Register for this session here


3. Cycle like a Girl Beginners Group Ride. March 10th 6pm-8pm. 

  • Fun group bike ride with only women (trans and non-binary community are included) 

  • If you don’t have a bike you can enjoy 100 free minutes with BUBERYL100. 

  • Register for this session here.


4. Imposter Syndrome Workshop. 15th March, F310, 5-6.30pm. 

  • Feeling like you aren’t good enough as people around you is a horrible feeling. This workshop can help you overcome these negative thoughts and ‘why feeling unsure shouldn’t make you feel like a Fraud. 

  • Get your ticket here.


5. Women’s History Quiz. 16th March, Dylans, 5-7pm. 

  • Think you know all the iconic women including those before Beyonce and Rihanna? 

  • Raise money for the charity Bloody Good Period! 

  • Tickets are £2 per team member (teams of up to 6) 

  • Find out how to get involved here.


6. Talk on violence towards Women and girls. 17th March, 11-12.30. 

  • Register here.

  • Online event 

  • By Jess Phillips who is known for drawing political attention to female violence and every year on International Women’s Day she reads the name of every woman killed that year by men in acts of femicide. 

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Some further links to discover more about amazing things women have done or womens issues if you are interested. 


  • Women who have changed the world – Youtube video.

  • Incredible women in history you probably don’t know about - here.

  • Film ‘On the Basis of Sex’. Trailer here.

  • Film ‘Bombshell’. Trailer here

  • Book ‘Everyday Sexism’. Here.

  • Book ‘Women don’t owe you Pretty’. Here.




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