Poole Beer Festival Review

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Let me tell you about the latest event I have participated in, with the main scope of conducting primary research for my Advertising course. This event was indeed the 2021 Poole Beer Festival. 

I’m going to talk about the highlights of the event and story tell a little summary of what went down. Loads of beer, live music, and sociable networking to be more precise. 

The shy moods of the people were sensed at first, but it was shortly replaced by energy and more out-going attitudes with the help of the delicious hot-dogs and snacks, the live music, and of course the exciting variety of beer that was waiting to be tasted. 

It was a real fun extracurricular trip activity. Something you are not expected to get invited to through your university. Moreover, as an international student living in the UK and accommodating to the culture, it was the type of event context that I wouldn’t normally be in. Even so, it was a fun and relaxing way to get out of your comfort zone and get closer with course colleagues. 

Let’s not forget another advantage, respectively, whether you are a beer lover or not, you definitely gain knowledge about it and about this industry in many types of ways. For example, I knew I liked fruity-flavoured unfiltered beers, and I think I finally found my favourite! The “Severin fruit-infused ale”.  

Events like these bring many opportunities to meet new people, learn and understand the different industries in the world and overall allow you to have a fun-filled day!