Rose: A Love Story – Movie Review


The spooky season of Halloween may be behind us; however, if you’re like me, you can’t put a limit on horror films. Despite a slowed film and TV industry, 2020 has still had an excellent horror offers such as The Invisible Man, The Haunting of Bly Manor and Relic. Rose: A Love Story is yet another horror film this year has to offer and it tells the story of Sam and Rose, a couple who live isolated in the woods due to a supernatural condition Rose suffers from. Their life isn’t ideal, but they love each other deeply, however their life of seclusion is threatened when an imposter poses as their goods supplier and a girl gets stuck in one of their rabbit traps.

(Sophie Rundle in Rose: A Love Story)

Rose: A Love Story is an intriguingly mysterious film; unfortunately it is too ambiguous for its own good as the film fails to answer any of the questions it sets up throughout its runtime. Watching the film, you will think to yourself; what is wrong with Rose and how long has she been suffering with this condition for? Why can’t she go out at night? What liquid do they add to Rose’s face mask and why does she have to wear it? Why does she only eat leeches full of Sam’s blood? Why does Sam sit in UV light as he allows leeches to suck his blood? Don’t expect answers to any of these questions, because when faced with having to answer these questions, the film panics in what is one of the most insulting endings to a film I have ever watched in my life.

(Matt Stokoe and Sophie Rundle in Rose: A Love Story)

Overall, Rose: A Love Story is a lazy mess of ambiguous supernatural horror and soap opera romance that blends together like water and oil. The film has glimmers of intrigue in Rose’s condition and how she and Sam try and handle something they can’t control, however all these efforts are undermined by a total lack of follow through. If you go into this film looking for heart-breaking romance or spine chilling horror, all you’ll actually find is extreme confusion and overwhelming disappointment.

Rose: A Love Story has it’s world premiere at the London Film Festival, UK release is TBA


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