SUBU President Candidates

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Role of SU President:

The President is the chief representative of the union. The President makes strategic and executive decisions, leads the officer team and advocates on the behalf of all BU students to the University, locally and nationally. They are ultimately responsible for the leadership and direction of SUBU through their role as chair of the Trustee Board.


  • Aaron Mason

I’m Aaron, a presidency candidate currently studying BA Finance and Economics. If elected I will: Give TOFS more financial support

Repurpose unused catering areas (Fusion & SUBU)

Lobby to increase/unfreeze tuition fee repayment threshold

Lobby for tuition fee rebate for 2020/21

Engage more and improve communication with students


  • Omuwa Aymoto


To urge BU to improve the arrival process for ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS.

To continue to expand support on ALL Employability Opportunities for STUDENTS.

To create a cycle that involves guiding students with an Alumni Future Series for career development after graduation. 

Credit: Nerve Photography, Aaron Johnson. 


What would you do to help integrate international students to BU more smoothly?

“Working with student ambassadors to create a web system because I feel like just to be more cost effective, if we look at it from two points, we could have a system where we employ people, students that are international, students around town… Whichever shops that they can go to, we can support.

“There’s a culture here to learn and the student ambassadors could help do that. Take students to their favourite clubs or tell students how to properly apply for general learning support because in exams, we do have some students in class that don’t know that they can apply for such things because it could do a disservice to their course. Asking for help means that there is someone to support you.”

How does it feel to be a female going into leadership?

“I don’t feel intimidated at all. I feel very empowered. I feel like it’s a great opportunity. When I saw another female candidate, I thought that’s nice to see and she’s very well spoken so it’s a privilege to run alongside her.”


  • Durga Prasad

My goals

  1. On-Campus placements fairs and equal opportunities for the students. 
  2. Work with other student bodies to organise interdisciplinary activities and networking to improve university afterlife. 
  3. Creating awareness and implementing sustainable development programs. 
  4. Ensure fair treatment of students irrespective of their nationality. 
  5. More awareness campaigns on sexual education, wellbeing & mental health.


  • Tanya Bellows

An activist for 9-years, speaking up with marginalised groups to create meaningful, positive change. Reimbursing your unfair lockdown fees is my top priority, while using my skills to place sustainability at the heart of BU, and ensuring all people feel heard and valued.

Tanya Bellows

Amplifying Your Voice

Follow: @vote4tanya_subupresident


Credit: Nerve Photography, Aaron Johnson. 

What are your suggestions to make BU more sustainable than it already is?

“At the moment I’m already working with the reduceatarian society and the climate action student team to make the menus more green and more inclusive to people with dietary issues as well, because at the moment people just can’t access the food, so that’s something I’m already doing and working on which is exciting.

“Integrating the sustainable development goals into courses as well, as I do a lot of that as an environmental scientist student, but I’ve been talking to students and people want to see more of that throughout their course so increasing their employability while also giving people the opportunity to be environmental champions while coming out of university.”

How does it feel to be a female going into leadership?

“I feel empowered, strong. I don’t feel like I’m against the world. I feel strong, I feel like it’s the perfect time. The future is female, that doesn’t mean we are pushing men aside and we worry about seeing a lot of misandry, so yes the future is female but maybe perhaps the feminine energy doesn’t mean casting other people aside, something we can all be proud of what gender you are.”


*Some candidates were not available to attend an interview at time of request, so Nerve Now were unable to ask each candidate personalised questions. *


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