SUBU VP Education Candidates

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Role of VP Education:

The Vice-President Education represents the student body in their education needs and progression, supports Student Reps and acts for improvements in learning and teaching.



  • Barnabas (Barney) Madu

Hi, my name is Barnabas Madu. You can call me Barney. Your best candidate for the post of VP-Education who will work on effectiveness of labs, Hybrid learning and unit evaluation. To make your voice count, go out and vote for the right candidate for the job.

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Why do you think hybrid learning is important. Is this only important to post grads or all students?

“Most importantly for post-graduates, this being because graduate students have already working experience. They have one or two engagements outside school, so I think focus it on post-graduates even though with final level graduates can also introduce the hybrid learning, but for lower years I don’t think hybrid learning is as important.”


  • Chris McGonigle

Hello, my name is Chris If I am elected 

  1. I will get more help for ALS students including; 
  2. Better access to resources including 
  3. Work with the university to provide better catering facilities 

I will achieve my aim by educating people on what are learning disabilities #votechristobeheard

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How would you support ALS students more at BU?

“By making sure that they get the support they need and if they are not getting the support they need, they come to me if elected as VP for Education and I will contact their department heads and ask them why is this not happening and encourage them to write an official complaint to the university and deal with that properly.”


  • Lenette Pellow

I’m Lenette running for VP of Education, I aim to lobby BU about: 

* Word limits being more adaptive 

* Masters in-text citations having number format 

* For exams and assignments grading to be reviewed 

* Timetables to be better planned 

* Lectures to be recorded 

Vote Lenette for VP of Education

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What are the other ways, other than zoom, that BU can assist students with mental health issues or disabilities?

“I think in lectures where they’re talking around the material a lot, having access to copies of lecture notes makes a big difference if we’ve got, if there’s a lot of extra things that they suggest extra papers and stuff, if there’s suggesting sections of it that could be read rather than saying read a paper or make bullet points from it could be beneficial.

“People struggle with mental health and disability but also if you’re ill, there’s so many circumstances that are unexpected and difficult that students face in their time here and we are paying for this why should we not have access to lecture materials that help us in these difficult and unexpected times.”


  • Manshi Gurung

My name is Manshi Gurung and vote for me to get your idea represented! I want to push for free printing, continue COVID hardship fund, all lectures to be recorded, flexibility with deadlines, bring back MyBU and listen to any other education ideas or difficulties you may have.

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 Why do you think lectures should be recorded and how is this achievable for in-person classes?

“I think every lecture should be recorded. In Russell Group universities, most of them already do this, I don’t see why we don’t do it, especially for international students and for students with a disability.

“There’s cameras in every room in every lecture, record it and put it online and put subtitles below it as well.”


  • Norah Deka

I, Norah Deka am running for VP Education, I am the next friendly addition to the student union. I want to represent YOU and to continue to ensure a high level of academic quality, to elevate your university experience. Vote Norah number 1 for VP education.

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What is the student buddy scheme and why is it important?

“There’s a student mentoring scheme that help with, I’ve seen one that has alumni come back and then they just advise you on stuff like specific routes you want to go to.

“I think that its important, especially for first years to have this because going to university is daunting especially by yourself.”


  • Tiffany Carrington

Hello, my name is Tiffany Carrington and I’m running for VP Education. My manifesto includes: Oppose the Government’s plans to lower the repayment threshold and higher the repayment period for student loans. 

Ensuring teaching days are well-balanced and fair.

Getting students from different courses mingling!

Credit: Nerve Photography, Aaron Johnson. 

How do you intend to get students involved in protests to do with the repayment threshold?

“My plans is to make students aware of the situation and then arranging these protests and then advertising when it’s happening, location.

“Just arranging a bus to come and pick some students up and then taking them to London to peacefully protest.”


  • Tushar Sharma

Your Education, Your life, Your university, our time is now.

Hello my name is Tushar Sharma, I am a software engineer and entrepreneur pursuing a master's degree at BU Business School.





Please vote for me if you believe I am suited for the job.

Instagram @tusharvpeducation


*Some candidates were not available to attend an interview at time of request, so Nerve Now were unable to ask each candidate personalised questions. *


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