SUBU VP Welfare and Community Candidates

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Role of SU Welfare and Community

Welfare and Community representatives will lead on wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, housing and community engagement. They will proactively represent the rights of students on and off campus, and promote student wellbeing, including mental health, physical health, safety and housing.


  • Chike Dike

After obtaining my first degree in International Relations from Nigeria, I am in the process of attaining my Master’s degree in Political Psychology here at BU.

If elected I will:

  1. Improve the students’ housing experience by working with BU.
  2. Develop SUBU’s allyship programme to represent more marginalised communities.
  3. Reintroduce BU students to wellbeing services.
  4. Introduce new International Student’s welfare programmes.
  5. Work with BU to prioritise student safety on/off campus.

Credit: Nerve Photography, Aaron Johnson. 

How would you improve students experiences in BU student accommodation?

“I would work with ResLife to generally improve the experiences of students at their accommodation.

“Creating a forum to review accommodations because there are a lot of complaints about accommodations but they are very disperse, so I wanted something that can bring it together… and also make it easier for international students to help ease and integrate them into Bournemouth.”

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  • Emily Jess

Vote for Emily Jess for Vice-President Welfare & Community so I can:

  1. Increase promotion of student services, so more students can benefit.
  2. Advocate for a higher SUBU presence on Lansdowne Campus.
  3. Prioritise inclusivity, students’ wellbeing, and mental health.

I am a fair, understanding, and open-minded person but am also determined and strong willed. I am not afraid of obstacles or challenges and if I am elected will be persistent in fighting for the change you want to see!

Credit: Nerve Photography, Aaron Johnson. 

How would you increase SUBU’s presence around Lansdowne campus?

“In Lansdowne I think they need to make it, firstly tell people that it’s there, and as well the Gateway Building is now a centre for everyone that’s based at Lansdowne. It’s got such an open space and when things go on, on the ground floor, everyone gets involved and loves it so just having a stand there and put some posters around.”


  • Leon Cambray

Hi I’m Leon! (they/them) & I’m running for Welfare & Community because I think that some of the most important parts of university are community and safety.

If elected, my focus will be on the following things:

  1. Improving the universities emergency housing provisions.
  2. Ensuring the communications between the Student Union and students are improved.
  3. Investigate the way SUBU campaigns run to ensure they best represent communities.

Credit: Nerve Photography, Aaron Johnson. 

How would you improve communications between SUBU and students?

“I think one of the big things is giving people more customizable options because at the moment, its either you get everything, you get weekly email that can be really overwhelming, or you get nothing. I think that there needs to be more what do you care about”.


  • Tarun Chandrashekar

As I embark on this journey, I want to take initiatives to ensure that everyone is joining me as well.

If elected:

  1. Work hand in hand with BU to ensure that every student is equipped with the practical skills they need to excel in their future careers.
  2. Stablishing a strong medium of communication and help provide the students with more information regarding the same by working in tandem with the accommodation department of the university.
  3. Ensure that all the students of BU get easy access to the gym and other sports facilities.
  4. Work closely with the CareerHub of the University in order to keep the students updated on summer internships and other part time opportunities.
  5. Conducting mental health workshops, organising support groups and encouraging student led initiatives
  6. Encourage enrolment for student-initiated clubs and societies and help funding the activities.
  7. To also ensure student’s safety.

Credit: Nerve Photography, Aaron Johnson. 

How would you work with the careers hub to promote part time employment?

“I want to join hand in hand and work with careers so we get to know and let students know that there’s going to be such opportunities and give them a platform to apply for internships. I want to know what their ideology and how well we can join our hands together and do the best for the students.”



  • Bernard John

Hi, my name is Bernard John. I am studying MSc Management with Business Analytics and currently serve as a faculty officer for the Business School.

The role I am currently in has enabled me to better understand the importance of students developing beyond the classroom, their mental health, their wellbeing, and gaining valuable skills while studying at the university.

As a result, I have decided to represent all students within the university and students' union to help a lot of students.


  • Christopher Ikejiofor

My aim is to offer quality representation and discuss the state of the Union.

  1. Housing/Accommodation Challenge:
  2. Placement Assistantship/Jobs:
  3. Research Guidance:
  4. Awareness/Protection of LGBT Community:
  5. Mental Health Awareness/Wellbeing:
  6. Restructuring Of SUBU Representation to Include the Council of Reps
  7. Forming Alliance with Dorset Race Equality Council to Address Equality Issues and Other Related Challenges Facing the Minority Race and Group Especially Students Who Are Poorly Treated at Their Workplace:
  8. Renegotiation Of Tuition Fee Payment Structure 
  9. Transportation Solution.
  10. Railway Card for All Interested Students of Bournemouth University
  11. Forex Payment Solution
  12. Dating Site for Matured Students Who Are Open to Culture.
  13. Presenting A Vaping Alternative to Students Trying to Quit Smoking.
  14. Setting Students Up on NHS Operations/App


  • Summanth Moparthi

A Voice for EVERY Student.

Hi, I'm Sumanth Moparthi, I am standing to be your next welfare and community officer.

So, what will I do?

  1. Liberation Society Collaboration - Revitalise the Campaigns Convention so campaigning, and liberation societies and to Promote the On campus Jobs and Sustainability
  2. Reform Personal Tutor Training - Work with the university to include guidance on welfare issues: such as mental health, sexual violence and LGBTUA+ awareness


*Some candidates were not available to attend an interview at time of request, so Nerve Now were unable to ask each candidate personalised questions. *


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