Songer Album Review

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Songer Album | Copyright: Songer Songer Album | Copyright: Songer

One of the most underrated artists of recent times is Songer and this album demonstrates why this is the case. 

The project showcases the versatility that Songer possesses whilst also giving fans a deep insight to his life outside of music and the things that he is going through mentally as well.

A brutally honest, vulnerable and powerful project, 'The Sunrise Project' is packed full of depth, intelligence, bars, flows and everything that real rap music is all about.

Not only is Songer one of the most talented artists coming through in the UK rap scene right now, he also used to be a student right here at Bournemouth University! 

He acknowledges his time at BU in a few of his tracks, and despite only a short stint at BU, the fact he mentions it in multiple songs shows that it has shaped him into the huge talent that he is today.

The first listed track - 'Intro' - is Songer speaking to the listener, explaining that the album is "dedicated to everybody searching for sense in a world that doesn't make any" and considering the themes surrounding the album and the perfect way to start a project such as this. 

This one short sentence is enough to allow the listener to assume that what they are going to listen to is more than just a collection of songs and lyrics thrown together, but deep thoughts and experiences shared from the artist and the things that he has been/is going through.

The first full length track is "Sunrise" and it showcases everything I have previously mentioned - intelligence, bars, flows etc. It is a great opening track to ease the listener into what they are about to hear. 

Talking about a host of topics like the things that cause him stress, women, general life thoughts whilst also flowing effortlessly via a variety of different flow patterns whilst the beat never really changes tempo or style, this is a demonstration of the talent and intelligence that this young artist possesses.

Tracks like "Without My Lover" and "Lemonade" show Songer's ability to get in touch with his emotions when it comes to his romantic life - yet another signal of the versatility that the young artist from Reading possesses. 

Each track has similar themes but are different styles of song. Without My Lover feels more like a slow love song directed to an ex-love interest that Songer still maybe thinks about from time to time and reflects on, whilst 'Lemonade' is a more melodic song that showcases Songer's vocals and ability to produce a different style of track yet again.

The only feature on the project comes from drum and bass producer Qbit on the beautiful liquid drum and bass track 'Look At The Clouds'. 

Being a fan of Songer and having done my research, this would appear to be a nod to his love for dance music - drum and bass in particular - and almost a track that needed to be on the project because the style of music that he is a fan of and with the project being so honest and giving such an insight to the artist, it just makes sense.

This track is a beautifully produced track, and Songer surprises on this one yet again with his vocal ability and it is just one of those songs that is such an easy listen and for me holds a lot of replay value.

The most bar packed track on the project comes right at the end in the fun and energetic 'Carefree'. Aptly titled because of the sheer number of bars related to Chelsea players throughout the whole track with my personal favourite being "Fans call me Dave like I'm Azpilicueta" because he has been compared to Dave as an artist and Chelsea fans and players have been known to call defender Cesar Azpilicueta 'Dave' due to his name being difficult to pronounce for some. 

This track is simply a fun track to end the project on and again, with Songer being a Chelsea fan it's just another insight into the artist and his interests.

All in all, this project is one of my personal favourite projects of last year, with something for everyone and a lot of replay value throughout the project, the thought-provoking honesty, and vulnerability of the project is something that I think will resonate with a lot of listeners. 

Along with the more fun and energetic tracks on the project that make it so well rounded and display Songer's versatility so well, this project along with the artist and everybody else involved deserve to receive flowers for producing such a beautiful body of work.


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