Student opens slow sustainable fashion shop over lockdown in order to popularise Sustainable fashion

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Studio Zipcode

During 2020 and the first lockdown, student Emily Coleman founded ‘Studio Zipcode’ with the vision to “boycott the high street stores.”  

Studio Zipcode is located in Winton, Dorset and all items of clothing are designed and handmade by the team.  

Emily Coleman, in an interview says: “We are fully size inclusive and even take custom measurements to ensure the perfect fit!”  

Materials used to create these funky and unique clothes are 100% organic, recycled or Deadstock.  

Coleman said: “after having discovered the devastating impacts on workers and the environment, I decided to take a stand and create an affordable, accessible and stylish slow fashion brand.” 

Zero waste products such as face masks, scrunchies, earrings and even face wipes are sold at the studio, creating even more ways for you to be eco-friendly and push you towards the path of zero waste!  

“Our slow fashion philosophy allows us to create pieces that are high quality, can be mixed, and matched to create a season-less wardrobe.  

By buying less and wearing more, not only is the cost per wear reduced but the environmental impact is lesser!”: Emily Coleman says. 

You can find Studio Zipcode at: 710 Wimbourne Road, Moordown, Bournemouth BH9 2EG

There are eight benefits and reasons why sustainable fashion matters just as much as other types, and should no longer be living within their shadows:

  1. Sustainable fashion saves natural resources

  2. Sustainable fashion reduces your carbon footprint

  3. Sustainable fashion saves animal lives

  4. Sustainable fashion requires less water

  5. Sustainable fashion supports fairer and safter worker conditions

  6. Sustainable fashion is healthier for people and the planet 

  7. Sustainable fashion doesn't support child labour 

And finally.... Sustainable fashion teaches us how to love our clothes again!

(Picture taken by Nic Raingsey)