The Kooks, Inside / Inside Out Anniversary Tour - Gig Review

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The Kooks | copyright: Hollie Carr The Kooks | copyright: Hollie Carr

15 years on from the release of the Kooks ‘Inside In / Inside Out’ album which boasts tracks such as ‘Naïve,’ ‘She Moves in Her Own Way’ and ‘Eddie’s Gun,’ the band decided to take it back on the road on an anniversary tour. 

Filling up Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena, fans were eager for the band to take to the stage after an upbeat performance from Scottish, indie rock band The Snuts.

They performed a handful of songs including their latest release, ‘Burn the Empire.’ 

Lead singer Luke Pritchard opened the set with a solo performance of ‘Seaside,’ before the rest of the Kooks joined him for the remainder of the set, jumping straight in with ‘Do You Want to See the World.’  

The Kooks | copyright: Hollie Carr

It was an energetic performance from both the band and audience as they screamed along. 

Deviating every so often from the ‘Inside In / Inside Out’ track list, the band also performed hits like ‘Shine On,’ and ‘Junk of The Heart (Happy).’ 

They also gave us a live performance of their new single ‘Connection’ from their upcoming album ‘10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark.’ 

After demands from fans for ‘one more song’ the band returned for the encore, ending the show with ever-popular hit ‘Naïve.’ Fans began screaming as soon as they heard the infamous guitar intro.  

Pritchard then asked them to ‘Help me out with this verse, yeah,’ leaving it down to the audience to sing the first few lines before he joined in. 

Even if the album was released back in 2006 Pritchard still has incredible vocals that haven’t changed at all. Overall, a brilliant performance and an electric atmosphere.