The Lighthouse, Poole receives “amazing” responses to Bridge The Gap Campaign


With unprecedented times causing many arts centres to feel uncertain about their future, Lighthouse, Poole, campaign to fundraise money has received an overwhelming response.

Since Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts’ launched its ‘Bridge the Gap Campaign’ it has raised £7,000, with customers also joining their Friend’s Membership Campaign which has helped raise an additional £1,390.

(The Lighthouse, Poole)

“At our initial launch of the campaign, we said to people there are a number of ways you can help us. You can make a donation; you can buy a membership, buy some tickets, come to our cafe and spend some money with us,” says Lighthouse Fundraising Manager Tom Shallaker.

The charity relies on more than 80% of its income from people purchasing tickets and using its many facilities. After closing its doors on the 17th March, the organization launched its ‘Bridge The Gap Campaign’ to support its on-going appeal to help financially bridge the funding gap until it can present live performances to capacity audiences.

During the pandemic, many creative art industries took significant financial losses with some even having to draw the final curtain and close for good.

The venue has been leading the conversation over the survival of art industries. Mr Shallaker said: “We were quite pleased with Lighthouse, (Poole) because we felt like in a way that we were leading the conversation nationally on what is happening in the arts. For the first time when there was any national coverage of theaters, we had someone talk about theaters on BBC national news. “

(The Lighthouse, Poole)

He then added: “We felt like we were very much driving that conversation and being the key part of the movement to get support for the arts.”

After grappling with unprecedented challenges, the organization is currently open and are taking bookings for socially distanced shows for groups up to six.

In the wake of receiving the overwhelming support from the community, Mr Shallaker says: “Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far whether it be donating, buying a membership, coming in our just showing their support and saying nice things.

“Without them, we wouldn’t still be going. A heartfelt thank you to everyone, not just in and around Poole, but Dorset and the south of the county.”

For more information and to donate to Bridge The Gap or book tickets, visit


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