Valentine's Day

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Silhouettes and icons representing Valentines

Valentine’s Day has come upon us, but this year, we wanted to ask you what you think of this international celebration. A day of love and passion or a commercialised marketing scam? Does the day help love between people bloom, or are there only platonic feeling?

One writer said: “I think I’m on the fence about it, as someone who is single and has been for years it grates my very soul, but I think that’s just me being bitter. I’m not saying single people are bitter, but in all honesty, I think we are a tiny bit bitter.

I understand it’s not for everyone but for the people it’s for I can appreciate it so much and I do think it’s really sweet… beautiful in fact, although there’s a lot of pressure to have an extravagant day or night. It makes us single people feel worse about not having that love. Or even makes other couples not feel as loved for not having rose petals and candle-lit evenings.”

So, to all our single readers, are you feeling perhaps slightly bitter for being alone? Doubtlessly, most people would want to feel that extraordinary feeling about being swept off their feet, treated like royalty, and spoiled as an understanding of how much they are loved.

Another writer believes that in the modern day, the traditional meaning behind Valentine’s Day has now included “time to celebrate the love in our lives, be it platonic or romantic.”

“The world could use more opportunities for simply appreciating the things in life we so often take for granted, in this way Valentine's is wholesome.

“However, like so many other holidays, has this meaningful occasion been taken over by consumerism and a corporate greed for profit? Sadly, I think it has. 

“As soon as the New Year's novelty has worn off, you can't go to any kind of shop or business without being bombarded with pink this, heart-shaped that, lipstick kisses and teddy bear tat. 

“Is this really the best way to show the people around you how much you care? Are we putting far too much pressure on ourselves to outwardly display our affection that we forget to reflect on the importance of connection?”

At the end of the day, whether you’re celebrating Galantines, a day out with friends, a special dinner with your partner, or with family, Valentine’s Day should be a celebration of love. There are so many ways to love, including self-love. You can love deeply for others, but don’t forget yourselves. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just genuine, and meaningful. And it doesn’t need to be lonely, it can be reflective peaceful.