What is the Women's Network?

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Members of The Women's Society, Copyright of - Valeria Cojocaru

The women's network at Bournemouth University aims to inspire, change, and empower women. They provide support to students who identify as members of this group. In the past, the network has hosted a variety of events; so far this year, they have hosted: 


26th September 2023 – Equali-tea party 

The first event of the year included tea and cake to meet the students leading the women's network and the LGBTQ+ officers.


5th October 2023 – Girls night 

Announcing the formation of a new committee that will help with the management and organisation of the women's network this year, all while playing games, listening to music, dancing, and enjoying snacks. 


19th October 2023 – Educational workshop 

A unisex hair workshop in collaboration with African Caribbean Society which involves an insight with braiding specialist, @kekecultureuk via Instagram, in a learning experience in doing your own or a friend's hair. 


26th October 2023 – Movie night

Another event organised in collaboration with the African Caribbean Society in honour of Black History Month was the screening of The Queen of Katwe.


17th November 2023 – Self-care night

A positive selfcare night with food, board games, movies and face masks in honour of Disability History Month.


28th November 2023 – Women’s network talent show

A large number of individuals participated, singing songs from many genres like pop and jazz, performing instruments such as guitar, and even dancing.

Valeria Cojocaru, women's officer 2023/2024, said: "We have the women's network talent show," with talents ranging from singing, dance and poems. 

She said: “It’s just to showcase women’s talents on the campus.”