Winter Wardrobe 2021 + Building Basics

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All images from Ella Turnbull





Starting uni can be a scary and overwhelming time but something you can get excited about is having the chance to style yourself. For me, and for probably some of you too, school uniform was not ideal and didn’t give you the ability to express your personality but when it comes to uni, you can wear what you want to wear! So why not take this opportunity and build your basics and start styling your autumn/winter wardrobe? I have put together a fun style guide for you readers who want to update your wardrobe but are not too sure where to start, these top picks are great as you can style different pieces together and make outfits that are right for you.



Are you looking for a style guide to help you look ‘put together’ while spending a reasonable amount of money?

Well, here are a few fun tips and tricks along with some top outfit finds that you can style differently and wear as many times as you want!

My first number one tip would be before you start buying clothes with lots of colours and patterns, be sure to build your basics by adding more neutrals and staple pieces that can be worn again and again. At the top of my basics list are bodysuits, they go with everything and can be good for layering too. Next are crop tops, my favourites are racer back tanks which can be paired with some jeans. The most popular style at the moment are straight leg jeans, they give a 90s vibe and can be so comfortable compared to skinny jeans which is great for long uni days whilst making your outfit look really stylish! Some great brands for staple pieces are, Zara, Brandy Melville, Prettylittlething, Asos and a few more listed below.

My next tip would be to find some statement jewellery pieces; a pair of gold chunky hoops and layered necklaces can instantly make your outfit look more expensive! I also find jewellery is a good way to incorporate colour into your outfits, gold and silver are both so flattering. Another cute accessory are claw clips which can really good for putting hair up but also looking chic. 

Some brands of jewellery I love are ‘Orelia’ where you can use student discount, and also H&M, Asos, Prettylittlething.

My final tip for you lovely readers is something I heard a stylist say and it’s stuck with me ever since, she mentioned the 70/30 rule where 70% of your wardrobe should be basics and 30% of your wardrobe should be current trends. This way your wardrobe will be trendless and will never go out of style! This is a great way of saving money and reusing but still getting the chance to style yourself in different ways. 

This style guide brings some staple pieces, outfit ideas, main brands and trends for you to follow and take inspiration from. I love fashion and feel that finding your style is so important but also very exciting, it can be feel so good to wear an outfit you have put together and thought about. Winter time is perfect for layering and putting pieces together so have fun with it and be you, that’s the most important part!


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