World Champion, Janine Davis, makes a big splash in Bournemouth

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Janine Davis | Copyright: Hussein Malek

GRIBET by Janine Davis 

“Everyone has a story”. Janine has written about the way people are as a reflection of the adversities they have been through as well as the success they have attained. In her debut autobiography, Gribet, Janine Davis recounts her story of resilience and her fight against the misfortunes that hurled towards her. Once known as Gribet, Janine broke free from the small pond of “dysfunction and drugs” and marked herself as a major name in each venture she has undertaken. 

Gribet strays away from self-pity while exploring intimate and heart-wrenching moments that will prick the eyes. Rather Janine remembers the bleak beginning to an extraordinary expedition. Through resilience and optimism, Janine’s character has taken on a bleak beginning that ambitiously turned into an extraordinary expedition showcasing that anyone can have control over their own life. From slipping a kneecap during a fight, to dancing naked in body paint on stage in Benidorm – Janine has been through everything and is here to tell her story.

Her empathy and self-awareness quickly made her realise that no one was going to pick up all the broken pieces of her past except herself. Hence her finding herself overcoming barriers that once looked too tall to conquer. She was always branded as aggressive because of her fighting career, but looking back while writing her book, she believes her assertiveness and confidence were mistaken for hostility. Empowered by her own story, she realised herself as a feminist, unafraid to show the world who “Gribet” truly is.

Fear” is how she describes entering her master’s research, but perhaps fear was also the driving force behind her determination to complete her degree – at the end of the day, she gives credit to BU for giving her the courage to kick start her writing career. “The first chapters were emotionally exhausting to write” she said, while recognising the fact that this memoir is a consequence of every aspect of her life, thus providing us a sometimes unflattering, yet brilliant view of Janine’s existence.

Furthermore, she explained how not having a community to boost involvement in interests is the only slight regret that Janine has. Although she has written a tale of success despite the lack of network and encouragement, she wishes she took the opportunities by the neck earlier in her life. Through all of this, she credited her no-nonsense nature; it told her that it is never too late to jump into any endeavour. “I am the person I am because of those decisions”, she shares in her recent interview with Nerve Radio.

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