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Another year, another chance to get your views heard.

Speak Week is all about hearing students voices about university life, and how the student union can help you feel supported.

This year, 1572 students took part in SUBU's online survey in both March and last week, speaking their thoughts on important aspects of university such as the strikes and industrial action, attendence in lecatures and seminars, and accessing student services.

In the Novermber report, Nerve TV presenters asked students who have moved to univeristy away from home, and how they felt about it.

One student said: "The campus is really beautiful. I got to speak to some of the lecturers and other staff before I moved here, and they were really helpful and nice.

"They made the program really clear cut: I knew exactly what I'd be doing, what path I'd be taking, and where I would end up."

The industrial strikes has affected around 65% of students (March report) and these proportions were consistent across home students, international students, and students from all levels of study. 

Nearly half of the surveyed students were impacted by rail strikes, and one student said: "I've been unable to return to univeristy due to rail strikes so have missed lectures."

The reports from earlier this year also show a significant number of students missing lectures, seminars, and regularly scheduled events with 40% of students saying they were unable to attend univeristy weekly, and 28% said monthly.

In order to support the students' learning at campus, they've asked SUBU/BU to make two improvements to the timetable: classes being less spread out over too many days in a week, and for the gaps between sessions to be reduced.

Other responses from students asked for the univeristy to support more with cost-of-living and transport, as they were one of the biggets factors affecting attendence.   

The final theme for this year was Student Services on campus and how it could be improved. The univeristy wanted to create a unified point for students to access support from AskBU, Financial Support, Immigartion, ALS, and more.

Majority of students also requested Placement support from Student Services, and the shift in access to Student Services would improve their experience at university.


Find out more by reading the full report on the SUBU website 


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