Zero-waste life: how to start

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Image: Pixabay

You want to go on your zero-waste lifestyle journey, but don’t know where to start?

I will introduce you to this concept and offer some tips regarding the most efficient methods towards a more green-lifestyle found within the “Zero-waste movement”.

Through-out many explanations one accurate definition of the popular movement is with the help of Seattle Public Utilities (2004):

'A representation of an ethical-economically, and visionary goal to guide people in changing their lifestyles towards creating sustainable natural cycles within their everyday lives.'

In short, the zero-waste movement is an eco-friendly lifestyle that has as goal to reduce the amount of waste per individual, on a daily basis.

To some extent it is impossible to create absolute zero waste, but there are many beneficial ways to the planet when it comes to reducing consumption that leads to waste. Here comes the challenge of unlearning your wasteful behaviours in order to learn and practice mindful consumption. All hard work turns out to be satisfactory in the end, as the final purpose of the zero-waste lifestyle is to help towards the climate change and global warming issues. This type of lifestyle doesn’t only reduce the harmful impact on our ecosystem but it encourages a sustainable living and biodiversity. Moreover, carbon emissions released in the atmosphere will be reduced, the life-span of reusable and recyclable materials will be prolonged and resources will be preserved in the long-term for future generations. Meaning, everybody is happy. Imagine if we all actually started to work towards a lifestyle like this. Just imagine.

Now , to the most efficient tips to go zero-waste (MasterClass/Articles, 2021):

  • Eliminate as much as possible single-use items and products from your activities
  • Take note of your trash in order to be able to make some changes on the products you buys accordingly
  • Of course, recycle!
  • Re-purpose household items
  • Start thrift shopping – don’t forget cheap doesn’t mean less quality.
  • Start learning about the power of “compost” and try implementing it into your lifestyle
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Connect with a zero-waste community


OR if that seems like too much , just connect with one of your buddies that has the same end goal and challenge and encourage each other to go zero-waste.



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