All the Halloween outfit ideas in one place

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Left choosing an outfit late again this year? Here are some of the best ideas to make sure you turn eyes at ALL the Halloween parties! 


Some Halloween outfits become popular year upon year, seeing them to be favorites of the spooky season. This possibly could be down to their simplicity, which is perfect for anyone who has too much work to be searing the internet hours on end... because who has time for that!


Clothing-Black dress/ Black top/ Black leather leggings/ Black skirt (any black outfit you pick could be something already in your wardrobe!)

Footwear- Black boots/ Strappy high heels 

Accessories- Black cat ears (easily found in ASDA, Claire’s etc.)

Makeup- Some black liner/ Drawn on whiskers  

Dead Bride

Clothing- White dress/ White corset top with white skirt 

Footwear- White strappy heels/ White Airforce 1s

Accessories- A bride to be sash/ White veil/ white lace gloves/ white lace stockings

Makeup- If feeling gory, then try some fake blood to give a scary look! 


Cuter costumes for those who aren't feeling scary...

 Playboy Bunny 

Outfit- Black bodysuit/ Black shorts 

 Footwear- Black heels

Accessories- Bunny ears with cuff sleeves and collar

Makeup- A soft glam look with a nude lip  

If you want to be even cuter try the look as a pink bunny with the reference being Regina George’s Halloween outfit from ‘Mean girl’s’


Outfit- Green dress 

Footwear- Some slip-on shoes

Accessories- Wings and wand 

Makeup- Glitter eyeshadow/ Lots of pink blush 


Couples outfits? Wear individually, or as a duo! These outfits are always a lot of fun

Police officer and prisoner


 Outfit- Black or navy mini dress/ Black or navy playsuit 

Footwear- Black boots 

Accessories- Police hat/ Belt/ Handcuffs/ Blackout sunglasses/ Badge (sets can be found on Amazon)


 Outfit- Orange t shirt/ Orange bottoms or jeans 

Footwear- Black trainers/ Timberlands 

Accessories- Numbers either written or attached to t-shirt 


 Outfit- Blue jeans/ Checked shirts 

Footwear- Boots 

Accessories- Cowboy hat/ Bandana tied around the neck/ Belt 

For a cowgirl copy the same outfit swapping jeans for shorts.



Outfit- Red mini dress/ Red bodysuit/ Red swimming costume/ Red shorts 

Footwear- White Trainers/ Flip flops 

Accessories- Red float/ Red whistle 

Hair style- Beach waves 


Outfit- Red swimming trunks/ Red t-shirt 

Footwear- White Trainers/ Flip flops 

Accessories- Red float

Make sure to tag us @nervenow_bu on instagram if you recreate any of these looks. Happy Halloween!!