Incoming Freshers: Frequently Asked Questions

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Booking Events:

Q1: How do I book events for BU Freshers?

A: Booking events for BU Freshers is simple! Visit our official website and browse the list of available events. Click on the event you want to attend, select the number of tickets, and type in your wristband number to proceed to checkout.

Q2: Can I book events without a wristband?

A: All First year and Postgraduate students who have received a wristband will be able to book their events at a heavily discounted price using their wristband number. Make sure to activate your wristband before attempting to book any events. All other students are welcome to book and attend events without a wristband, but will need to purchase general admission tickets.

Q3: Can I bring friends from home who don’t have a wristband?

A: Yes, all students can bring up to 2 non student guests however they will need to purchase a general admission ticket. Make sure to arrive together as we will need to see your student card to gain entry.


2. Wristbands:

Q4: When will I receive my wristband?

A: All UK First-Year and Postgraduate students will receive their wristband in the post following A-Level Results Day. International students will be able to collect their wristband from Reception in the Student Centre on Talbot Campus when they arrive.

Q5: Does every student get a wristband?

A: All incoming BU First-Year and Postgraduate students will receive a wristband, so don’t worry, your flatmates, course mates, and friends will all receive the same one. Second and third-year students will not receive a wristband but can still attend events.

Q6: What does my wristband get me during BU Freshers?

A: Your BU Freshers wristband is your all-access pass to a range of events, activities, and exclusive discounts across campus. With your wristband, you can attend heavily discounted club nights and live concerts, attend FREE campus events, get early access to Summer Ball 2024 tickets, and more, making your introduction to Bournemouth University unforgettable.

Q7: Are there any additional perks with the wristband?

A: Absolutely! Alongside heavily discounted event access, the wristband grants you special offers across the Student Union at Dylans Bar, The Ground Up cafe, and the Student Shop. Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates on the latest perks.


3. Activating Your Wristband:

Q8: How do I activate my wristband?

A: To activate your wristband, go to the website, locate the wristband activation section, and follow the provided instructions. Once activated, your wristband will grant you access to all the exciting events planned for BU Freshers.

Q9: Can I activate my wristband on the day of an event?

A: We highly recommend activating your wristband in advance to book your tickets and avoid any delays or inconvenience on event days. However, you can still activate it on the day of an event, but we advise doing it at least a few hours before the event starts to allow time to book your ticket. Tickets are on a first come, first serve basis.


4. All Students:

Q10: Can all students participate in BU Freshers events?

A: Certainly! BU’s Freshers Fortnight welcomes all students from both BU and AUB (Arts University Bournemouth), including second and third-year students. Everyone is encouraged to join in the fun and make new connections, regardless of their academic year.

Q11: Is the event booking process the same for all students?

A: Yes, the event booking process remains the same for all students. Visit the website, and book your desired events through the same system. If you have received a wristband, you will purchase discounted wristband tickets, any other students will purchase general admission tickets through the BU Freshers website or The Old Fire Station website


5. International Students:

Q12: Are international students allowed to attend BU Freshers events?

A: Absolutely! BU Freshers is open to all students, including international students. It's a fantastic opportunity for international students to immerse themselves in the BU community and enjoy the diverse range of events.

Q13: How do international students receive their wristbands?

A: International students will be able to collect their BU Freshers Wristband from Reception in the Student Centre on Talbot Campus upon arrival. Keep an eye on our social channels for any updates or pop us an email if you have specific questions!

Q14: How can international students make the most of BU Freshers?

A: International students can fully enjoy BU Freshers by participating in events, joining clubs and societies, attending orientation programs, and engaging with other students. It's an excellent chance to build lasting friendships and explore the vibrant culture of Bournemouth.


6. Undergraduate vs. Postgraduate:

Q15: Are BU Freshers events open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students?

A: Yes, all BU Freshers events are open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. We encourage students from all academic levels to come together and celebrate the start of their BU journey.

Q16: Will postgraduate students also receive a wristband?

A: Yes, UK postgraduate students will receive their wristband in the post after A-Level Results day. International students will be able to collect their wristband from Reception in the Student Centre on Talbot Campus when they arrive.

Q17: Will there be separate events for undergraduate and postgraduate students?

A: Some events may be tailored to specific groups, but the majority of BU Freshers events are open to all students, providing an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.


7. Other:

Q18: What should I do if I lose my wristband?

A: If you lose your wristband, please contact the BU Freshers support team immediately. We'll assist you in resolving the issue and ensuring you can continue enjoying the events.

Q19: Can I transfer my wristband to another student?

A: Wristbands are non-transferable and can only be used by the student to whom they were issued. Attempting to transfer or share wristbands may lead to loss of event access. All BU Freshers will have received their own wristband.

Q20: How can I stay updated on BU Freshers events and information?

A: Stay tuned using the official @BUFreshers social media channels, website, and emails for the latest updates, event announcements, and important information.


If you have any further questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to the BU Freshers support team.

For anything related to events or wristbands please email:

For everything else, please email:


We look forward to welcoming you to Bournemouth University!