Why you should go to Freshers Fair

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You've just got off the plane, train or automobile. Both your feet are standing in your new home. You feel the cool, British air against your skin, and your heavy bags are digging deep into your weary, travelled shoulders. You've made it! As an international student myself, I know the struggle it can be especially with a couple of suitcases.

Your next stop is checking out the town, the University, the nightlife and maybe the surrounding areas... Dorset has got loads to offer!

The SUBU Freshers' Fair is just around the corner and this is your opportunity to check out and get a feel for all the cool stuff there is happening around the University and town. Also, don’t forget about the many freebies!

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But back to the get involved part, advice from me to you – GET INVOLVED & BE ACTIVE!  You’ll love it and get a whole lot of new friends!

I know many people are probably telling you to do so, but from one international student who has been in your shoes, you won’t regret it!

Sign up for all the random stuff and put your name down on multiple mailing lists. Yes, you will get a a lot of important emails afterwards with information regarding societies, clubs and sports opportunities, but at least you get the time now to actually read through it and then make a more informed decision on whether you’ll like to join or not.

I did it, and though I’m the sort of idiot who can’t say no to anything sounding slightly fun, I managed to boil the many societies down to a couple which have basically become my second family.

With uni taking up so much time, and being tiring (especially if English is your second language) having that free space with likeminded people is gold! Not only do you get a space to connect with people over something else than uni, you also put yourself out there to meet new people, which I’m not gonna lie you will have to, if you like to create a new network.

A society will let you enjoy your passion, meaning I’m one of those from the other side (AUB) and I’m not ‘suppose’ to like sports because I’m an arty person, but I love sports! And my society allows me to do so, no questions asked and I connect with a completely different sort of people than I do at uni. So, do it, the society is where you meet the computer dude in a dance society or a sport geek (sorry my wording) doing law just because they like it.  

So be you, I’m sure you chosen your course because you got some sort of interest in it, but the society will let you do your nerdy bits on the side-line.

So, go to the SUBU Freshers' Fair, get all the freebies, sign up to stuff and meet awesome people!


This blog was written by Line Ackermann, Creative Event Management Student from Denmark.

Join the International Student Group to meet other International Students: www.facebook.com/groups/internationalstudentsBU/



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