SUBU is looking for a new Women's Officer!


After doing some amazing work during Semester 1, Women's Officer Valeria decided tpo step down from her role at the end of December.

This means that we need a new Women's Officer to join the Executive Committee and make a difference for students who identify as women for Semester 2.

The Role

As the Women's Officer, you will represent students who identify as women, including those with complex gender identities and those who experience oppression as women, at Bournemouth University.

The role includes:

  • Attending SUBU's Executive Committee, Summit and Student Members Meeting
  • Organising and running events and campaigns for your community
  • Helping educate allies to your community

How to apply

To apply for the role, you will need to have self-defined as a woman on the SUBU website and then email by 5pm on Monday 15th January.

If more than one student comes forward then a panel made up of a Full-Time Officer, a Part-Time Officer and a member of the Women’s Network will then conduct short interviews with applicants to decide who is best positioned to lead the Network for the rest of the academic year.

Got a question about the role or ready to apply? Get in touch on