Student Leaders Conference Promotes Leadership, Resilience and Wellbeing

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Students’ Union at Bournemouth University hosts conference to help students tackle employability challenges

A group of students from Bournemouth University attended the recent Student Leaders Conference, hosted by the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU) 

The annual event, which was held exclusively for student reps, Part-Time Officers, committee members and student volunteers, allowed students to hear from industry leaders, recent alumni and current students, as they shared stories of resilience and success.  

As part of the event, SUBU welcomed keynote speakers including Becks Beere; a CEO, founder, and investor, who started her company A2V in her garage and has since transformed it into a global success. Becks was joined by two recent BU graduates, Anti and Svilena, who are now employed as part of her company.  

SUBU's VP Student Opportunities Holly Tyack, and Business School Officer Rohit Pakalapati shared the personal challenges and lessons they learned in their roles.  

Students were able to take part in a range of interactive workshop including a Serious Lego Play Session to help develop their problem-solving skills, and a CV and job application workshop hosted by the university’s careers team, CareersBU.  

Holly Tyack, Vice-President Student Opportunities at SUBU, said: “During SUBU’s recent Speak Week survey, nine out of 10 Bournemouth University students said they were worried about their career prospects and wanted us to focus on developing their confidence and readiness for work.  

“In response, this year’s Student Leaders Conference was designed to excite and help students build key skills for their future careers. 

“I was privileged to be invited as a key speaker and learned so much about the importance to keep challenging myself, facing my fears and trying a variety of coping strategies to maintain my mental wellbeing.  

“It was a great opportunity for our student leaders to understand and develop their resilience.” 

Li McKenzie, a second year Software Engineering student and member of BU’s Language Learning Society, said: “I learnt some really helpful information about resilience from Holly Tyack and her SUBU presidency campaign.  

“Having the opportunity to hear from Becks Beere and her adventures installed so much confidence in my own future. This day was packed with events to keep us engaged, while also allowing us to learn a thing or two about being a Student Leader.” 

Building on the success of this year’s conference, SUBU will look to grow the event next year as part of its larger commitment to support students’ professional skills and employability prospects as they prepare to enter the world of work.