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In conversation with: Millie Manders and the Shutup

“Those who get used to it, end up quitting”, when there is no more care or excitement in what you’re doing, then why are you doing it? It was really insightful talking to Millie and she definitely changed my opinion on a lot in regard to underground punk music and generally having a passion for something. I stayed around to watch her perform and the energy in the room was electric. The venue was packed out with people wearing her merch, someone was even wearing LED ‘billboard-like’ glasses.

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Theatre review: A Streetcar Named Desire

Not knowing much of the play before-hand, I was going in with no expectations which allowed me to appreciate the performances in their entirety. To call the play phenomenal would be an understatement. From starring in the hit BBC show ‘Normal People’ to performing in front of a live audience as such an iconic character in theater, Paul Mescal did Stanley’s character incredible justice. I was terrified while also enthralled when watching him.

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Review: Vistas live in Southampton

In the thick of their headline tour “The Beautiful Nothing”, Edinburgh based indie band Vistas visited The Loft in Southampton to play old favourites and new releases all in the run up to festival season.

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In conversation with DMAS's guitarist Matt Mason: “The live experience is the most important thing.”

“The live experience is the most important thing.” As DMA’s make their return with their fourth studio album How Many Dreams, we sat down with guitarist Matt Mason to chat about the recording process, armadillos, and what it means to “do a shoey.”

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