Live Well At BU

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What is Live Well at BU?

Live Well at BU is a new initiative presented by SUBU, to promote feeling good whilst studying.

Club/Society/Volunteers will put on events each month, for every student to get involved (if they want too!).

Incentives will be awarded to individuals that organise these events, and all costs will be subsidised.

It is a way of putting everything that is going on in one place. There will be ‘Live Well at BU’ messages sent out with everything that’s going on that month in one place, whether that is getting involved in a club activity, a relaxation walk or buying some treats from a stall.

Why are we making this our mission?


Many students do not want to get involved with society events due to membership fees. This initiative removes the fee barrier.

Furthermore, many people are unaware of what happens at SUBU, so this will lead to greater awareness, and ultimately feeling good.

If you don’t get involved with SUBU in your time at BU, you are missing out on new friends, opportunities and skills!


How can I get involved?

If you want to get involved, look out for the new ‘Live Well at BU’ messaging.

You will find details about the monthly social media competition, all you need to do is send a photo of something to do with feeling good (i.e beach, nature, sports etc). We will repost this, and the winner will have a selection of prizes to choose from!

You will also see different events that have been put on, for example:

January: 14th - 30th ‘Chill out zone’ 1st Floor SUBU

Comfy seating
Free drinks/snacks
Board games
Massage Room

Click for more info 

23rd – Meditation/Relaxation session
Take part in mindful arts and crafts, and enjoy a guided meditation!

More info

24th - Student Hall Roadshow- 11.30-2.30pm

More info 

30th – Sing for Wellbeing
Take part in group singing and feel great! Everyone is welcome!

More info


How else can I relax?

Add the study mix playlist here




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