Being Vegan just got Easier

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Food for ALL at The Union Shop


Have you been to the Union Shop recently? You'll be blown away at the variety of lunch options. 

Whether you're full-time plant-based, part-time plant-based or you're simply taking part in#Veganuary, check out the new Urban Roots range available from The Union Shop! There are 7 new vegan lunch options, all of which are included in the £3.49 meal deal!

Since our HUGE Quorn Vegetarian range launched last year, we are striving to have more vegetarian and vegan options available for our students.

There are also, of course, plenty of gluten-free and halal options. See the full list below.

Urban Roots Vegan:

  • Pesto Presto vegan wrap with dairy-free mozarella
  • A'MEZZE'ING - Sweet potato falafel and houmous wrap
  • Dirty Jack - BBQ Jackfruit wrap
  • Pickle Me Up- Dairy Free Cheddar with tomatoes and pickle.
  • Shabby Chic-Pea chickpea and carrot and orange chutney sandwich
  • Hello Courgeous - Chargrilled veg, caramelised onion and houmous sandwich
  • Bhaji Bonanza - Onion bhaji, Bombay potato and mango chutney sandwich
  • Falafelicious - Sweet potato falafel and red pepper sandwich

Urban Roots Vegetarian:

  • The Beet Goes On - Goats cheese, pickled beetroot, and onion chutney sandwich
  • Feta The Better - Greek feta cheese, chargrilled peppers, and olives

Quorn Vegetarian:

  • Vegetarian chicken and stuffing sandwich
  • Vegetarian ploughman's
  • Vegetarian ham salad
  • Vegetarian chicken salad
  • Vegetarian Ceaser wrap
  • Vegetarian sweet chilli wrap


  • Chicken Piri Piri
  • Chicken Sweetcorn
  • Chicken Salad
  • Red Thai Chicken Wrap


Gluten Free:

  • BLT
  • Cheddar Ploughmans
  • Harissa Chicken Wrap
  • Falafel & Red Pepper Houmous Wrap

You can, of course, find a load of food and snack items including Krispy Kremes, pasties, cheese snacks, flapjacks, fruit, crisps, and chocolates.


Juan Ramirez Munoz
1:56pm on 13 Jan 20 Great job getting more options out so it's easier for people to make more compassionate choices. Please continue to extend the range of Vegan meals as everyone can eat these and no animals have to suffer #EndSpeciesism
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