How to Submit an Idea for the Big Student Meeting

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How to Submit an Idea for the Big Student Meeting


What is a Big Student Meeting?


The Big Student Meeting is your opportunity to discuss; debate and vote on the issues that really matter at SUBU and BU. It's your chance to have a real impact on your experience at university and play in active role in leading change.


As part of the meeting it is your chance to question the Full Time Officers on what they have been doing. We will also be voting on whether to approve SUBU Accounts and Affiliations.


What do I need to do?

Head on over to the Big Student Meeting page, where you will be able to submit your idea to be discussed. You will need to be logged into the website first.

You can put forward anything that you think should be discussed. Some of last year’s motions were:

·         SUBU should lobby the University to include training on student mental health in the induction process for all forward-facing staff and Mental Health spaces in every BU accommodation

·         SUBU should tell BU to lobby Bournemouth Council to put more street lights up in pedestrian routes around Talbot Campus and to put street lights in the Slades park farm forest and open up the car park to any students?

  • SUBU should lobby the Bournemouth University to implement recording lectures by making necessary and potentially mandatory for lecturers to do so


What happens to my idea?

·         SUBU Democracy and Equality Team will be in touch with you. The idea will be discussed at the Big Student Meeting and students can speak for or against it before voting on whether to accept it or not as SU policy.


When is the Big Student Meeting?

The Big Student Meeting will be held on the evening of Tuesday 26th February in the Shared Lecture Theatre.


Make sure to sign up online for free so we can make sure we cater for you.


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