So you want to run in the elections?

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Are you ready to run to be a full-time Officer at one of the best Students’ Union in the U.K? If you need some more persuading, we've compiled some reasons why this could be the greatest opportunity for you! 


1. This is a secure graduate or placement job. You can either nominate yourself for this role so it begins straight after your degree, or take it as a unique placement opportunity. 



First, second and final years can take one year out of studying or secure a first job after graduating! 


2. You can make a difference collectively as a team and on your own merit. You can be the agent of change collectively and for individuals.

As an officer, you can make differences that could last a lifetime. For example, previous Full-Time Officers led the way to build the Student Centre and set up free printing for students! 



3. You can develop your skills and confidence within the role - including public speaking, leadership and organisation


4.  This role is abosloutely great for you CV and looks fantastic to future employers. Who knows where you'll end up next?

5. You will get to work at a great place - The SUBU Student Centre. We have a dedicated office for the officer team, as well as some other fantastic incentives.  You will also get to visit other BU campuses and other universities. 



6. You can be the leader of a multi-million pound organisation, where you get the experience of learning about both education and business. We have many different departments spread across Bournemouth.

You will also have great colleagues, especially the communications department (who may have written this article :p )


7.  You get to run your own campaigns. Each officer has the power to create change across campus for all students, but also to fight for their own beliefs in campaigns, awareness and implementing change


8.  This is a challenging, but character-building leadership role.

A lot of officer alumni have gone on to acheive amazing things, watch this video below to find out more:


9. Stay in Bournemouth, what can beat going down to a yummy beach bbq straight after work? *Weather permitting


10. How great would it be to represent the voices of 17,500 students? 

Pass your message to our student body and help others fight for what they believe in, and value their opinions, views and ideas. 


Find out more about the elections here!



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