SUBU’s new Gender Expression Fund now open for applications!

Because transitioning can be such a financial burden while studying, on top of university's basic living costs, I'm launching a Gender Expression Fund for BU students. Essentially, if you need support getting any sort of gender affirming products like binders, packers, breast forms, you can now put an application in, and wherever possible, SUBU will help to cover costs. This can also help with travel as the UK has so few Gender Identity Clinics and it can be expensive to get to them, so if you've got appointments, you can also ask for support for that too.

This project has been my baby for a while as I want SUBU to do as much as possible to support trans+ students and we'll be doing our best to cover as many people's needs as possible. Only me, as your current officer, and the Liberation and Campaigns Co-ordinator will get any of the information you submit in order to verify applications.

If any of this sounds like something that'd benefit you, please go to the Gender Expression Fund webpage for more information and to apply

And don't feel afraid to email me on with any questions that are still unanswered!



Leon (they/them)

Trans, Non-binary, Intersex and Gender Identity + Officer 2022-23



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