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NERVE MEDIA is your student media, bringing you the freshest content made by students, for students.

Getting involved with our award winning magazine, our awesome radio station or being part of our TV, News or Online departments is a great way to boost your portfolio and learn new skills, meet new people and most importantly, have fun!


There's so many ways to get involved, from presenting a radio show (if you fancy yourself and the next big thing) to being part of the news team. You could write features for the mag or design the pages and even get involved with promoting everything we do, creating video content or photographing events and gigs for our TV station. You don't even have to be a media school student to get involved, Nerve Media is an opportunity for everyone, so there's no excuse not to come and have a go. 


Like we said, Nerve is made by students, for students and our Radio Station, Magazine, Television Station, News Team and Online department are led by student committees who take responsibility for their running. Come and get involved and you could work your way up to this opportunity and have something on your CV that will really make you stand out.

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