Summer Ball 2021 Information

SUBU standard ticket terms and conditions click here

In addition to the standard conditions please read the further information and conditions specific to the Summer Ball 2021 below.


The event is for students at Bournemouth University and our affiliated partners (including AUB) and their guests only. You can purchase a maximum of 4 tickets.

All attendees must be at least 18 years of age and bring suitable I.D. to the event - 'pass' approved card, passport or driving licence.

Your ticket is none transferable and non-refundable. Do not lose it or allow anyone to copy it. You must have a valid ticket or valid wristband to enter the event.

Beware buying a ticket from anyone other than SUBU: we cannot guarantee any ticket is valid unless we have sold it, people are always refused when our scanners pick up duplicate, invalid or fake tickets.

You will be issued with an 'E Ticket' this will have been sent to the email you used to book your tickets, it may have arrived after a few days if you booked in January, for all others it will arrive immediately after you book a ticket. If you cannot find your E Ticket please check your junk or spam folders.

You must not resell your ticket for greater than its face value.


You must PRINT YOUR E TICKET, have it validated and exchange it for a wristband before the event. The wristband exchange will be at SUBU Reception, Talbot Campus - Monday 24th May until Friday 4th June, 10am until 4pm.


Opening time: 2pm on Saturday 5th June 2021, coaches will start loading at the Old Fire Station from 1.30pm.

Last entry time: 9pm on Saturday 5th June 2021.

Closing time: 2am on Sunday 6th June 2021, although parts of the event remain open longer to allow time to leave and board coaches.

Re-entry: We do not allow re-entry to the event, please bring everything with you that you need, if you leave the event you cannot return.

Bus travel is included with your ticket:

  • You can board coaches from 1.30pm at the Old Fire Station - the entrance for the bus queue is through tunnel between Sprinkles and Buffalo Bar.
  • They will finish running at 5pm sharp.
  • There will be queues unless you come early (before 2.30pm).
  • Return buses from the event will be on hand from 10pm and will only drop you at the Old Fire Station.
  • Please ensure you fancy dress costume can fit easily on the bus, otherwise you may have to use a taxi at your own cost.
  • You cannot park in the Old Fire Station or Studland House car parks.

THERE IS NO PARKING WHATSOEVER AT THE SUMMER BALL, all cars are turned away at the gate.

Taxis: can drop on the event rank only, the address is Bournemouth University Sports Campus, Chapel Gate, East Parley, Christchurch, BH236BL

Avoiding queues: We have taken steps to improve the speed of getting into the event, to best avoid queues:

  • Make sure you have exchanged your 'E Ticket' for a Summer Ball Wristband before the day of the event, see above.
  • Take an early coach, before 2.30pm.
  • Arrive at the venue before 3.30pm.
  • Bring cash

Afterparty: After 12 hours of the UK's largest Students' Union event what you really need is to push on through until dawn back in the UK's best Students' Union nightclub, the Old Fire Station. Open from 2am, limited space, only for the hard core?

Survivors photograph: the ultimate Summer Ball achievement is to make it to the survival photograph. It will be taken at first light (5am) by the pier approach in Bournemouth. The photo will then be available to download free of charge as a momento of your night.

Cash: Bring some! The bars and catering at the event use cash. There are cash machines at the event, they can get busy and they do have a charge for use. The bars are reasonably priced (most drinks are under £4), food can be a bit more pricey than your normal KFC (£5+), the cloakroom charge £1. Coaches to and from the event and the fun fair rides are already included in your ticket price!

Facilities at the event: 

  • There are bars selling drinks with and without alcohol, they are run by SUBU and prices are very reasonable.
  • There are a range of food outlets including vegetarian and limited vegan options. Gluten free options will be available but limited but please ask and check all the different caterers. Food outlets also sell soft drinks but they may not be as cheap as the bars that are run by SUBU.
  • There is free drinking water from designated points, bottled water is sold at bars for £1.50 per bottle.
  • There is one large toilet block with many non gendered individual toilets, there is also a bank of urinals behind a screen. The accessible toilet is supervised in an area next to the first aid point (if you may need it please ensure you locate it when you arrive).
  • There is cloakroom and we recommend you use it if you need warm clothing late at night.
  • There is a row of cash machines, they all charge for withdrawing cash.
  • There is a first aid point and a security point, please ask staff to be directed if you need them or consult the site plan.
  • There is a whole world of entertainment across multiple stages - check the lineup before you arrive.
  • Security staff are stationed across the event and on all stages, they can advise you if you need help.


  • The SUBU Summer Ball takes place on a series of sports pitches, they are largely level with short grass. There are no steps.
  • The toilets are individual non gendered toilet units and a collection of shared urinal units, there is a supervised accessible toilet next to the first aid and quiet area.
  • The coaches to the event have accessible ramps.
  • The event is dark at night with festival style lighting for way finding and flashing lights and large video screens on stages.
  • The event is loud like a nightclub close to all stages.
  • There are staff to assist if you're lost or need assistance with access.
  • If you require your personal assistant due to a disability you can arrange their free access directly with SUBU, either through reception on 1st Floor Student Centre, Talbot Campus or by emailing

Fancy dress: The SUBU Summer Ball is largely a fancy dress festival. Please think about your fancy dress - do not come dressed as a terrorist, change the colour of your skin or dress in a way that would show disrespect to other members of the SUBU community. If you do we could ask you to remove it, and nobody wants that. Keep it fun.

Loud music and flashing lights feature across all stages.

Lost property: Will be handed to the cloakroom throughout the night, it will then be taken back to the Students' Union in the student centre the following week by the end of the Monday following the event.

Alcohol: Do not bring alcohol or open drinks to the event, on the buses or into the queues - we will confiscate and pour away all liquid that is not in a sealed plastic water of soft drink bottle. Do not drink too much before the event - every year people have their night ruined because they were denied entry to the event for being intoxicated. Take it easy, pace yourself, drinks at the event are reasonably priced, moderate the amount you drink through the event and consider drinking water or soft drinks regularly.

Illegal drugs: We are enforcing a zero tolerance approach to all illegal drugs in partnership with Dorset Police, who will be onsite at the event carrying out enforcement. We will be carrying out searches at the event on the entry gate and throughout the night. Remember the only guaranteed safe way to approach drugs is not to take any, the Summer Ball is not the place to experiment (it's very busy, dark, outdoors and far from home), it is illegal and we have a duty to uphold the law.

Medication: If you need to bring prescription medication with you please bring a photocopy of the prescription with you.

Do not bring: In addition to alcohol and illegal drugs do not bring any of the following to the event: glass bottles; drones; laser pens; selfie sticks; potential weapons of any kind; new psychoactive substances, popper and nitrous oxide; fireworks; compressed gas containers; flares; air horns; smoke bombs; flag sticks; banners, signs or materials displaying offensive messages, slogans or images; any item that an authorised person considers dangerous, hazardous and/or illegal or that may be used as a weapon or a missile or that may compromise or otherwise interfere with the enjoyment, comfort or safety of (or pose a hazard to) any person or security at the venue; animals (other than assistance dogs); any photographic or recording device other than for personal use; any objects or other kinds of promotional signs and messages (of whatever nature) which we believe are for promotional purposes. Any prohibited Items may be removed, confiscated and/or destroyed even if the item itself is not illegal without compensation at the discretion of any authorised person.

Searches: We will be carrying out searches as people arrive and we may search people we have identified during the event. If you refuse a search we will refuse to allow you to enter or remain at the event.

Smoking: Smoking is only allowed in the open areas of the event - not inside any of the marquees or big tops.

Lineup: Tickets are sold subject to our right to alter or vary the published event programme without notification which may result in changes to the performance line-up, playing times or any other aspect of the event. We reserve all rights in this regard. Any published start times of a performance at the event are estimates and subject to change. We shall not be liable for any change of a published start time or change to the artists scheduled to perform. No scheduled acts may be considered as headline acts regardless of their relative fame or prominence in the billing and so cancellation by an artist or performer will not entitle you to a refund. 

Changes to event date, time, venue: We reserve the right to make alterations to the time, date, duration and venue of the event or other details governed by any ticket in the event of unforeseen or other circumstances, including (without limitation), force majeure, safety and security concerns or decisions from any authorised person or other competent authority. In the event of such alteration we will be not be liable to the ticket holder or any other person for any costs, expenses or other losses resulting from such alteration. We shall only be required to refund a ticket purchaser with the face value of the relevant ticket if the event is cancelled before the event has started.

Covid-19: The Summer Ball will be planned in line with predicted Covid-19 event restrictions. At the time of tickets being put on sale it is not clear what the restrictions will be on Saturday 5th June 2021. We reserve the right to adjust the style, layout, lineup, capacity or other arrangements for the event to comply with any restrictions that may be in place on the event dates. Extra measures such as sanitisation, distancing, testing, tracking and vaccination records could be introduced to enable the event to comply with Government guidance to enable it to take place. If such guidance or restrictions prevent the event from taking place (for any reason) all tickets will be refunded to the original purchasers payment method.

Refunds: If the event is cancelled SUBU will refund the face value of the ticket to the original purchasers of the ticket using the payment method or card used, normally within 28 days.

Ticket Fees: The event tickets have an additonal fee added to them to cover some costs. The £2 admin handling charge covers the costs involved in running the ticket system (admin, scanning, wrsitbands and handling ticket lists). The £1.50 venue restoration levy is a small contribution towards the upkeep of the Old Fire Station listed building as one of the UK's most treasured Students' Unions venues.