March 2019



The Students’ Union welcomes constructive comments from its members.  It is anticipated that the majority of problems encountered by members will be resolved as part of normal informal communications between members, elected student officers and SUBU staff.


However, in some cases a formal procedure will be required, for example to deal with complaints of a more serious nature relevant to your involvement with the Students’ Union or its recognised Clubs and Societies, and student groups.


Examples of the types of issues that might be dealt with under this procedure include:

a)     Failure to follow established procedures;

b)     Harassment;

c)     Unfair treatment.


Complaints that SUBU elections have not been fairly or properly conducted should be raised in the first instance with the Returning Officer , in accordance with the by-laws and the election rules.


Complaints which relate to breaches of the Students’ Union’s Disciplinary Code should be dealt with as set out in the Disciplinary Code, which is annexed as Schedule 8 to the By-laws. 


For complaints relating to disciplinary matters at The Old Fire Station, the Student Centre Café or Dylan’s then please refer to Schedule 8a of the Students’ Union By-laws, which provides for appeals against disciplinary decisions.


If you wish to make a complaint but are unsure how to proceed please speak to an elected student officer or an Advice Worker in Student Advice.




1.     Purpose            

This procedure is designed to deal with complaints relating to a member of staff or services provided by or carried out by the Students’ Union or its recognised Clubs and Societies, and student groups.


The principles that govern the operation of the Students’ Union are contained within the Students’ Union Constitution and By-laws, copies of which are available on the SUBU website. This process is intended to deal with complaints that cannot be dealt with under the procedures or the appeals processes that are set out in the By-laws.


2.     Process           

2.1.     Informal Procedure

If you have a specific complaint relating to a member of staff/elected officer or a service of the Students’ Union, you are encouraged to discuss the matter, in the first instance, with the individual concerned. If this does not resolve the matter, complaints should be raised with the line manager of the member of staff or service concerned or, in the case of Clubs and Societies, with the appropriate Full-Time elected officer.  He/she will investigate the complaint and attempt to resolve the problem. If you are not satisfied that your complaint has been dealt with effectively or if your complaint relates to the manager of a service, then you should complain in writing to the General Manager who will review the matter and respond to you.


2.2.     Formal Procedure

If your complaint has still not been resolved to your satisfaction, then you should make a complaint in writing to the President of the Students’ Union, for consideration by the Executive Committee.

A.     On receipt of your complaint, a copy of the Complaints Procedure and of your complaint will be sent to the member of staff or manager of the service concerned.

B.     The member of staff or manager of the service concerned will be requested to reply within 5 working days of receipt of the documents.


Within 10 working days of receipt of the written reply, a panel comprising of 3 executive committee members will interview you and the member of staff or student involved and any material witnesses who have been identified. Both you and the member of staff or service manager have the right to be accompanied by a colleague or Union representative when being interviewed.


The President, on behalf of the Executive Committee, will inform you and the member of staff or student concerned of their decision, normally within 5 working days of the interview.



3.     Right of Appeal           

If you or the member of staff or student concerned wishes to appeal against the findings of the Executive Committee, an appeal shall be made in writing to the President (or designated deputy) within 5 working days of the decision being communicated to the complainant.


The President, in consultation with the University Clerk to the Board, shall agree a mutually acceptable Independent Person to hear the complainant’s appeal against the decision reached by the Executive Committee.


The Independent Person shall be given a copy of all the written material pertaining to the appeal and shall consult/investigate as she/he deems appropriate.  The Independent Person shall adjudicate on the merits of the complaint.  The Independent Person shall notify the President and the complainant of his/her decision (generally within 10 working days of the hearing) and the President shall ensure that the appropriate action is taken.  The decision of the Independent Person shall be final and no further appeal shall be permitted. 

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