Download the SUBU Constitution

The official constitution document outlining how the registered charity 'SUBU' is run.

Download the SUBU by-laws

We are run by both students and full-time staff and are headed up by five full time elected officers. For 2018.19 these are:


LEA EDIALE - VP Activities

BRAD POWELL - VP Welfare & Equal Opportunities

Abdurasheed Adeyinka Balogun - President

Abidemi Abiodun - VP Community

Lenrick Greaves -VP Education


These officers were elected by the students of BU in our annual elections half way through 2017.18 Their sole purpose is to represent the best interests of the student body. They work on a personal, local and national level to promote Bournemouth students, even holding the university to account on issues that directly affect students.

Our vision is that "SUBU will make a positive impact upon every BU student's journey."

We underpin this by working to five strategic themes:

- A major collective force for all students

- Helping students to realise their potential

- Creating friendships

- Understood and recognised, more accessible and approachable to all students

- Ethical and environmental