Download the SUBU Articles

The Articles of Association outlining how SUBU is run is here


View SUBU's Bye-laws

The bye-laws set out how the Union should work, the rules that govern how we do business and cover a range of regulations from elections to clubs and societies.

Ratified by the Board of Trustees 06/01/2022


Code of Conduct and Complaints

Member Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy

Complaints Policy and Procedure

If you wish to make a complaint please use this form and send to


We are run by both students and full-time staff and are headed up by four full time elected officers. For 2020 /21 these are:


Naomie Lebe - President
Omuwa Ayomoto - VP Student Opportunities
Chiko Bwalya - VP Education
Toluwa Atilade - VP Welfare & Community

These officers were elected by the students of BU in our annual elections. Their sole purpose is to represent the best interests of the student body. They work on a personal, local and national level to promote Bournemouth students, and hold the university to account on issues that directly affect students.