Download the SUBU Constitution

The official constitution document outlining how the registered charity 'SUBU' is run.

Download the SUBU by-laws

We are run by both students and full-time staff and are headed up by five full time elected officers. For 2019.20 these are:


Lea Ediale - VP Activities

Joanna Ann- VP Welfare & Equal Opportunities

Abdurasheed Adeyinka Balogun - President

Abidemi Abiodun - VP Community

Lenrick Greaves -VP Education


These officers were elected by the students of BU in our annual elections. Their sole purpose is to represent the best interests of the student body. They work on a personal, local and national level to promote Bournemouth students, even holding the university to account on issues that directly affect students.

Our vision is that "SUBU will make a positive impact upon every BU student's journey."

We underpin this by working to five strategic themes:

- A major collective force for all students

- Helping students to realise their potential

- Creating friendships

- Understood and recognised, more accessible and approachable to all students

- Ethical and environmental