Interested in becoming the Women’s Officer for 2020/21 and making a change within your community? Register your details here and we’ll be in touch with more information.


The Women’s Campaign supports students who self-define themselves within this group. Your Officer will be elected at the beginning of the new academic year and they are your first port of call to make suggestions, raise queries or ask questions about the work that the Officer is doing

In the past, the Women’s Campaign have run events in leadership and business for women, raised awareness for Cervical Cancer Screenings and held film nights to showcase strong female representation within the media.

If you have any suggestions or motions you would like to put forward to improve the student journey for students who identify as women, please complete the form below.

If you haven’t self-defined yet to keep up to date with events, meetings, and the work that the campaign is doing, please do so here (hyperlink).

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Part Time Officer Elections
28th September midnight - 31st October midnight
Become a part of SUBU as a Part Time Officer!
Educational | SUBU | Democracy | Campaigns
Meet Democracy and Campaigns: Uncovering Democracy
28th September 2pm - 4pm
Find out how you can make change and have an impact on the running of SUBU
SUBU | Online | Democracy | Campaigns | Liberation
Meet Democracy and Campaigns: Queer Crafternoon
29th September 3pm - 5pm
An opportunity to get to know your LGBTQ+ Community at BU while creating something together.
Friends | SUBU | Online | Campaigns | Liberation
Meet Democracy and Campaigns: Asian, Arab and Ethnic Minority Campaigns Cook Off
30th September 5pm - 7pm
Learn some new recipes and meet other members of the Asian, Arab and Ethnic Minorities community at BU.
Food | Friends | Relax/Wellbeing | Democracy | Campaigns | Cultural | Liberation

Self Definition

This section is designed for any student to self-define through the selction below. By self-defining you get automatic access to the associated Liberation Campaign.

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Womens Campaign Ideas

This survey is designed to take your ideas for campaigns, events and improvements for the Womens Campaign. 

This survey is completelty anonymous - all submissions will record your response only!