SUBU is a democracy, we are run by students, for students. This means that you can get involved and have your say over what you think SUBU should change or start doing. There are loads of ways that you can do this.


Your Ideas 

This is your chance to let us know the changes that you want to see. These ideas are taken to the SUBU Summit or the Student Members’ meeting where students vote whether to adopt these ideas as Union Policy  


SUBU Summit 

The SUBU Summit is attended by representatives from across the Union who are responsible for creating Union Policy, overseeing the work of the Union and holding the Full-Time Officers to account.


Student Members’ meeting 

The Student Members’ meeting is an opportunity for students to debate Union Policy, hear from the Trustees and find out about the Union’s finances. 


Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee is the meeting of the Full-Time and Part-Time Officers, where they discuss activities, campaigns, projects as well as updating each other on what they have been working on. 


Officer Question Time

Do you want to find out more about what your Full-Time Officers have been up to? Officer Question Time is your opportunity to question your Full-Time Officers and find out more about how they have been representing you. 



SUBU is a part of the National Union of Students (NUS) this is a national campaigning body that champions the rights of students.  


Articles and Bye-laws

As a charity and a democratic organisation, we are governed by our Articles and Bye-laws. These layout the processes for how the Union should act and can be amended by our members.