SUBU is a democratic organisation, this means that you, the students, get a say in what we do and how we do it. There are lots of different ways that you can have your say at SUBU, and one of these ways is through a referendum. Much like referendums that happen on a national scale for things like Brexit, the electorate (YOU!) get asked whether or not you would like something to happen.


A referendum is a direct vote when all SUBU members are invited to vote. In accordance with our Articles and Bye-laws in order to determine an outcome, there needs to be a quorum of 5%, this is the minimum number of people who need to vote to make decisions valid. In most referendums, a simple majority is needed to make the change.

A referendum can be used to set Union Policy, vote on amendments to the Unions Articles, call motions of no confidence in a sabbatical Officer or Trustee, or to overturn a decision made by the Student Member’ meeting or Student Council.

Referendums can be called by a secure petition signed by at least 400 student members, a resolution of the Trustees or a majority vote of the Student Council.

If you want to start a referendum on a specific issues you can submit your idea here. You should start your ideas by stating REFERENDUM PROPOSAL. If you want to discuss your idea in more detail get in touch at