Big Student Meeting

The Big Student Meeting is your opportunity to discuss, debate and vote on the issues that really matter at SUBU and BU.

Democracy and Campaigns

The work done through our Democracy and Campaigns Department is fundamental to making sure that the students who are part of the Union are given a voice in the University, their local community and nationally.


Elections ensure that all students have the right to have their voice heard and by electing the student leaders ensures fair representation and that the leadership of the union is endorsed as thoroughly as possible by the student body.

Student Voice and Policy

Our very own Student Voice and Policy Department provides SUBU and Bournemouth University with evidence-based research from BU student feedback and the higher education sector overall.

Liberation Campaigns

We are proud to have our Liberation Campaigns. These groups are a community made up of, and led by, students who self-identify within that liberation group.

Meet Your SUBU Officers

Find out more about our Full-Time Union Officers, and what their aims are for the year ahead.


As students are at the heart of the University, it’s hugely important that we have processes in place so the voices of students can be heard. Find out here on how you can shape the future of BU.



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