We are proud to have our Liberation Campaigns. These groups are a community made up of, and led by, students who self-identify within that liberation group.

Liberation Campaigns hold the Students’ Union and University to account by challenging discrimination. The Campaigns work together to promote intersectionality and achieve the maximum impact for all students. Liberation Campaigns are run by a Liberation Campaign Committee, led by the relevant Liberation Officer.

What do they do ?

Liberation campaigns connect our student members, enabling students to build friendships and share experiences and to act collectively in highlighting issues, raising awareness and campaigning for change.

Key Aims

We are working hard to connect students by creating friendships in a safe and welcoming community

We will Collaborate with other Liberation Campaigns to raise awareness and educate

Together we will highlight current issues and empower students to act collectively to create change

We hold the students union and university to account by challenging discrimination and making sure they act with equality

We Mark national awareness campaigns

Your Liberation Campaigns