This page is your one stop shop for everything you need to be a Liberation Officer.

While everything you need should be, please do pop into the office, organise a meeting with the Liberation and Campaigns Coordinator or drop the team a message if you need any extra support




Event checklist (coming soon)

Planning an event for your community? We've put together this checklist to guide you through everything you need to do to plan and run your event.

How to complete a risk assessment (guide coming soon)

All events require a risk assessment to help make sure that all precautions are taken to ensure it is safe. This guide will guide you through BU's risk assessment process in detail.

Risk assessment form

A risk assessment is a simple and careful examination of what could cause harm to individuals. Risk assessments will need to be completed before rooms can be booked for events and gatherings.

Room booking form

This is the BU form for booking seminar rooms, lecture theatres and meeting rooms on campus. All room bookings will be sent via the Democracy & Campaigns team to ensure that an appropriate risk assessment has been completed and approved.

SUBU space booking form

As well as booking seminar rooms and lecture theatres, as a SUBU representative you are able to book a number of SUBU space including a table in the student centre or ourside the SUBU shop or the 5th floor of the Student Centre.


SISO is the system for booking some of the equipment that SUBU has such as iPads, Sum Up card readers and speakers. If you need any of this for an event it will have to be booked out through the system and then can be collected from SUBU reception.

How to add an event to the What's On page (guide coming soon)

Adding events to the What's On page is a great way to let students know what you have happening that they can come along to or get involved with. This guide will show you the steps to follow to add it to the page as well as selling tickets.

Rewards & Recognition