What SUBU is working on for students

At SUBU, we value your feedback. It is at the heart of everything we do, to ensure that we create a positive impact on every single student and that we work for students. We receive feedback on a wide range of student issues, through emails, surveys, SimOn, contact with Full Time Officers, Student Reps, our Student Summits and other channels.

We use this page to keep you updated on what SUBU is doing about your feedback – it shows you the work that we are carrying out to enhance your student experience here at BU. This work is shown below by topic and in the order of the most recent student issues first. Each topic has at least one Full Time Officer assigned to lead it.

For the different ways to share feedback with us, please see the top of this page. If you have any further questions about the content of this page, please contact where a member of our Student Voice and Policy team will deal with your inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to improve your experience at SUBU.

Last updated: 10/08/2023

Working on

SUBU support to encourage staff to record lectures

You said: FST asked for SUBU’s support to encourage academic staff to record their lectures.

We are working on: 

SUBU have raised this issue with senior levels of BU and UCU.

SUBU are also exploring other concerns raised by BU in relation to recorded lectures, such as limiting creativity in classes, potential intellectual property concerns and functionality issues.

SUBU have reviewed SimOn feedback from this year on this issue, finding support for all lectures to be recorded.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Being worked on by: SU President and SU VP Education
Proposed by: FST FASEC
“Common Room” in Lansdowne and SUBU seeking exclusive use of BG301c

You said: A “Common Room” space in Lansdowne was requested which was welcoming to all students. It was also requested that BG301c become a room exclusively available to use for SUBU Advice and other SUBU staff.

We are working on: In January, BG301 became a student space labelled “SUBU area”. This space is now in use and effectiveness of current signage will be monitored. A student-staff focus group has been conducted with the High Sheriff of Dorset, who is funding a redesign project for BG301 to develop it into a great SUBU space for all students. The purchasing of artwork and furniture is underway and the refurbishment to take place over the summer.

Updated: 25/05/2023
Being worked on by: SU President and Lansdowne Manager
Proposed by: Your Ideas platform
Implementing a Buddy Scheme for International Students

You said: In SUBU Summit, a Buddy Scheme was requested for International Students.

We are working on: A pilot was launched for International Students starting in January. SUBU has actively conducted a process of identifying those who wish to take part in the scheme. Training has also been provided for students who wish to take part.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Being worked on by: SU President and SU VP Opportunities
Proposed by: SUBU Summit
Shortage of accommodation for International Students

You said: International students have been struggling to find accommodation due to a shortage of available private lets. Some international students have also struggled to find suitable childcare.

We are working on: This issue is being monitored through our International Student Support working group. Full Time Officers met with Country Reps from Nigeria and India to discuss issues

Updated: 06/03/2023
Being worked on by: International Student Support Working Group
Proposed by: International Student Feedback from Consultation Call
Cost of Living

You said: During our November Speak Week, 97% of 845 students told us they were worried about the rising costs of living. A variety of proposals came from students, relevant to this issue, such as more signposting for financial support and increased subsidising of food and beverages on campus.

We are working on: 

A Winter Planning group has been developed, led by SUBU’s Chief Executive, which is meeting monthly.

A Cost of Living hub has been developed by SUBU.

SUBU is currently exploring the possibility of providing free breakfasts for students. The Ground Up Café has been offering students subsidised porridge and hot filled rolls in the mornings.

SUBU has been organising food collections from local businesses for our Community Kitchen

SUBU submitted its views and research for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Students inquiry. The inquiry is looking into the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on students.

Updated: 02/04/2023
Being worked on by: SU VP Welfare & Community and SUBU Chief Executive
Proposed by: Speak Week (November 2022)
Communication with students regarding BU UCU strikes and action short of strike (ASOS)

You said: SUBU has been planning to support students as a result of the industrial action being taken by BU UCU.

We are working on: SUBU has been in communication with both the BU Industrial Action Working Group (IAWG) and BU UCU in order to obtain the most up to date information on strikes and ASOS. This is in order to keep students informed when industrial action is taking place and how it might affect them. We want to learn how students are affected by strikes and this is a key theme for our Spring SPEAK WEEK.

You can read more about the UCU strikes here.

Updated: 06/03/2023
Being worked on by: SU President, SU VP Education,
Democracy & Campaigns Manager and Head of Student Voice & Policy
Proposed by: BU IAWG and BU UCU Branch
Safer crossings around campus

You said: There are no crossings around the university that currently produce sounds to indicate when it is safe to cross. Especially for visually impaired students, this could be a problem and could lead to serious accidents.

We are working on: SUBU has raised this issue with BU and BU have expressed an interest in supporting improving this situation. This is partly due to BU’s own policy of promoting and encouraging students to walk to campus.

Updated: 03/05/2023
Being worked on by: SU President and Democracy & Campaigns Manager
Proposed by: SUBU Summit
Mental Health Greenspace

You said: There is no secluded outdoors area on Talbot Campus for students to sit in when they need a break. A small area with space for a nature or wildlife garden and some benches would be a place for students to relax, away from the hubbub of the larger university buildings.

We are working on: SUBU’s elected officers will raise this issue with BU.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Being worked on by: SU VP Welfare & Community, SU VP Opportunities and Student Opportunities Manager
Proposed by: SUBU Summit
Improving facilities at Yeovil Nursing Campus

You said: Students at Yeovil have been asked for better facilities. They have requested improvements to IT equipment and other resources.

We are working on: SUBU senior staff and elected officers will be visiting the Yeovil campus to further investigate the feedback received. This is in order to assess how best to improve the campus’ facilities. 

Visited in March to reconfigure the seminar room to improve the space. Students are happy with the new layout. Visited again in June to discuss improvements to facilities with staff. 

Updated: 22/06/2023
Being worked on by: SU VP Education
Proposed by: Student Feedback to SU VP Education
Reducing graduation ceremony costs

You said: SUBU’s President identified the financial barriers facing many students for attending graduation ceremonies, for example the wider costs of accommodation, gowns and photography packages. As part of their manifesto, they wanted to reach out to local businesses to secure financial support for students struggling to meet these additional costs.

We are working on: During 2020/21, in-person graduation ceremonies were not taking place and the virtual ceremonies did not carry the same wider financial costs. Graduation ceremonies are now taking place, subject to ongoing safety restrictions. SU President has re-started conversations around reducing costs for qualifying students, and is also focussing on ensuring student safety at the in-person graduations.

Updated: 02/11/2021
Being worked on by: SU President
Proposed by: Manifesto point
Eliminate printing costs for students

You said: At BSM, you voted on a policy for SUBU to lobby BU to lower printing costs for students.

We are working on: Now that students have returned to campus, SUBU are re-starting our work on this policy which had stalled due to the Pandemic. We are currently working with BU to ensure that where appropriate work can be completed digitally and without the need for printing.

Updated: 02/11/2021
Being worked on by: VP Welfare and Community
Proposed by: BSM 
Supporting student sex workers

You said: At SUBU Summit, you voted on a policy for SUBU to offer support for student sex workers. This included the creation of a webpage to offer impartial and transparent support to student sex workers, including protection from discrimination by staff.

We are working on: We are currently reaching out to other SUs with clear policies in place to protect student sex workers. We are also conducting research into the best organisations to sign post students towards. We will then look into developing a webpage with resources and guidance. We have developed a webpage on supporting student sex workers containing relevant resources. VP W&C met with relevant BU staff to discuss BU’s own webpage and to discuss how sex workers can be supported in existing university policies.

Updated: 29/06/2021
Being worked on by: SU VP Welfare and Community
Proposed by: Summit Policy


Supporting student parents

You said: In SUBU meetings such as SMM or Summit, you have raised the issue of studying for a degree whilst carrying out childcare responsibilities.

We did: Since the start of 2022, we have held a student parent event for International Students at BGB and a Spring Fair for parents. SUBU also continues to provide a Student Parents Community (

Updated: 01/02/2023
Completed by: All FTOs
Proposed by: SimOn feedback
Improving recycling availability

You said: At the Student Members Meeting, you voted on a policy to improve the availability of recycling facilities in accommodation and on campus.

We did: SUBU has been working in collaboration with AUBSU on properly disposing single use vapes as they are used by many students. This includes having collection boxes on campus and in accommodation to dispose of them and finding a company to recycle them.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Completed by: VP Welfare and Community
Proposed by: SSM policy
Ending sexual harassment, misconduct and violence on campus

You said: At the Student Members Meeting, you voted on a policy to end sexual harassment, violent and misconduct on campus.

We did: SUBU Advice handed out personal safety alarms at the Freshers’ and Night Safety Fairs. Basic training on being an active bystander was provided at the C&S Committee training. SUBU's Safe Taxi Scheme is running again this year and has received positive feedback from students.

Dorset’s Sexual Trauma and Recovery Service (STARS) and The Shores attended SUBU's Sexual Health, Awareness and Guidance Week to raise awareness of sexual harassment, misconduct and violence and the services they provide to students who need their support.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Completed by:  VP Welfare and Community
Proposed by: SSM policy
Improving inclusivity and accessibility arrangements for students

You said: At the Student Members Meeting, you voted on a policy to improve inclusivity and accessibility arrangements.

We did: Training is now provided to new committee members of clubs and societies relevant to inclusivity and accessibility. SUBU is committed to raising awareness of neurodiversity and of disabilities which are hidden.

SUBU is also working with BU on making accommodation more accessible.

The Disabilities and Accessibility and Neuro-Diverse Fair was run for Disability History Month. This highlighted the services available to Disabled students at SUBU, BU and locally outside of University.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Completed by: VP Education
Proposed by: SSM policy
Changing MUSE to allow end of unit feedback

You said: At the Student Members Meeting, you voted on a policy to alter MUSE to allow students to submit end of unit feedback.

We did: Across BU, MUSE (mid-unit feedback) has now changed to My Unit Feedback and students complete this towards the end of each unit. This change was in part due to student feedback represented by SUBU.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Completed by: VP Education
Proposed by: SSM policy
Creating a SUBU page on Brightspace

You said: At the Student Members Meeting, you voted on a policy to create a SUBU page on Brightspace.

We did: The existing SUBU links on Brightspace are currently what is technologically possible and do link to SUBU’s website.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Completed by: VP Education
Proposed by: SSM policy
Planning for 2021/22 academic year

You said: Ahead of September, you want to know what both BU and SUBU will offer to students.

We did: SUBU’s FTOs planned with BU to ensure a smooth induction process for new and returning students. SUBU’s plans and events were shared on our website and social media. SUBU will monitor feedback from students in BU’s Students Survey and SUBU’s student feedback tool SimOn to identify areas we need to develop.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Completed by: SU President
Proposed by: SimOn feedback
Supporting healthcare students

You said: At Summit, you voted on a policy to provide better support for healthcare students, including improved communication between the NHS and BU and better treatment for students on unpaid NHS contracts.

We did: Incorporated into a new policy ‘SUBU lobby for better support for healthcare students and improved course cost transparency?’.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Completed by: SU VP Education
Proposed by: Summit policy
Improved wellbeing support

You said: As a result of the pandemic, we understand that many students feel increasingly isolated and alone. At SUBU Summit, you voted on a policy to secure improved wellbeing support by offering more social opportunities online and working with external charities.

We did: SUBU Advice is providing support to students who are affected by the rising cost of living in collaboration with the Community Kitchen space. Our elected officers are working with SUBU and BU communications to compile and set up a cost of living webpage with resources to support all students. Our elected officers are also committed to promoting men’s mental health on campus.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Completed by: SU VP Opportunities and SU VP Welfare and Community
Proposed by: Summit policy
Adding past papers to Brightspace

You said: At SUBU Summit, you voted on a policy for SUBU to lobby BU to add more past papers to Brightspace.

We did: We raised this issue with the relevant BU staff and worked with them to promote the uploading of past papers onto Brightspace in a more consistent way where appropriate. BU also updated SUBU that the use of exams as assessment at BU was likely to reduce somewhat in line with sector best practice in assessment design. Following this work, we did not receive further feedback from students that this was a continuing issue, and on the Exec dated 28/04/2021 students voted to lapse this policy.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Completed by: SU VP Education
Proposed by: Summit policy
Implementing a FGM policy

You said: At SUBU Summit, you voted on a policy for SUBU to implement a FGM policy. This policy also involved raising awareness for staff and students on the issues surrounding FGM, and the available support.

We did: SUBU has conducted campaigns around FGM awareness and support. SUBU hosted an educational FGM workshop that provided attendees with information and tools to support survivors of FGM.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Completed by: SU VP Welfare and Community
Proposed by: Summit policy
Period Poverty campaign work

You said: At BSM, you voted on a policy for SUBU to support accessible periods through supplying free sanitary products.

We did: SUBU has installed two menstruation stations at both Lansdowne & Talbot campus. SUBU provides free period products for students to access when they are needed. Menstrual products are also available at cost price in the Student Shop.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Completed by: SU VP Welfare and Community
Proposed by: BSM and FTO Manifesto
Support for international students

You said: More support is needed for international students, many of whom have been left without financial support during Covid. SUBU aims to support international students by finding out more about their BU experiences, focusing on issues surrounding cultural differences, employability, financial hardship and creating an overall sense of belonging.

We did: 

SUBU is working with the BU International Students' Working group to discuss improving communication and signposting to available accommodation for International Students before they arrive in Bournemouth.

SUBU has also now launched its International Buddy Scheme which will help new international students integrate into the BU community.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Completed by: SU VP Opportunities and Student Voice and Policy team
Proposed by: SU VP Opportunities
Creation of an official SUBU Discord hub

You said: You voted in favour of a SUBU Summit policy that proposed the creation of an official SUBU Discord hub. This will bring more students together as they will be able to interact more informally through the hub, and interactions will not be limited to online events.

Partially Complete: Following an impact assessment, which was reviewed by the SUBU senior management team, it was decided that SUBU would continue to support the student proposer in developing the unofficial SUBU discord server that is already in place. This also provides students the ultimate flexibility in having a community-led hub. An official SUBU-owned Discord hub would involve additional risks regarding moderation and censorship, and SUBU cannot currently commit the resources required for this.

Updated: 01/02/2023
Being worked on by: SU VP Opportunities
Proposed by: SUBU Summit
Accommodation and Covid

You said: Within the current national lockdown, we understand that many students are now unable to access halls that they are contractually obliged to pay for. Under the current government guidance, we understand that this could be until mid-February, but we also understand that this could continue for the rest of the semester.

We did: We have raised this issue at BU and continue to prioritise lobbying for rent reductions. This work has now been formalised into SUBU policy. Both the President and VP Welfare & Community have raised this issue with senior leaders at BU. Our FTOs have also written to all accommodation providers, including private letting agents and local MPs, to lobby these companies to offer rent rebates to students. We are monitoring the situation and tracking the providers who have offered rebates to students (currently Unite, Student Roost and BU owned housing). We also secured an accommodation support fund, enabling students without rebates to apply for financial help.

Updated: 29/06/2021
Completed by: SU VP Welfare and Community, SU President
Proposed by: Student feedback and Summit policy
Your online learning experience

You said: Within the current national lockdown, we understand that the majority of students are continuing to experience online learning as their primary mode of delivery. Through student emails and SimOn, we understand that some students are still experiencing technical issues, with some inconsistencies across the different departments at BU. You have raised issues around Zoom software, the recording and uploading of lectures, session lengths, the availability of lecture materials and timetabling issues. 

We did: We are continuing to monitor all feedback on SimOn relating to the quality of online teaching and learning. We are breaking down all specific comments relating to teaching and learning, presenting this data to key BU staff members and raising the issue at relevant meetings. We also used Speak Week to pose a question to all students that specifically related to your views on the transition to online learning. This was also shared with BU. We are continuing to represent feedback to BU on the quality of online learning. Please see their webpage on available support for online learning. This has now moved to our routine monitoring of SimOn data on quality of teaching and learning.

Updated: 29/06/2021
Completed by: SU VP Education, SU President
Proposed by: Student Feedback
Your assessments and Covid

You said: At SUBU Summit, you raised the issue around the lack of a No Detriment Policy for this academic year. You wanted us to share your feedback around the current academic policies in place to support student assessments, ensuring that SUBU prioritised supporting students with their assessments during the ongoing pandemic.

We did: Since the start of the pandemic, we have been collecting your feedback on the impact of Covid on your learning experience. Last year, we collected student voice that led to the creation of the No Detriment Policy for 2019/20. BU have now introduced a different policy for this academic year, which does not include the 'safety net' aspect of the previous No Detriment Policy. We have continued to collect student voice on your ongoing academic support. Last semester, we held a discussion group at SUBU Summit around student demand for BU to reintroduce their No Detriment Policy, and in January 2021 we held a forum so that you could share your views on the current support available. We also held an Officer Question Time based on BU’s current Protecting Student Outcomes policy, which this feedback then shared with BU. As a result of our ongoing lobbying, we have secured a number of adjustments to BU's policy, including uncapped reassessments and an online application system for exceptional circumstances.

Updated: 29/06/2021
Completed by: SU VP Education, SU President
Proposed by: SUBU Summit
Access to reading lists

You said: We received feedback asking for SUBU to offer more support with lobbying BU to improve reading list access.

We did: We provided student support to transform this idea into official SUBU Policy, which you voted on at SUBU Summit. The VP Education is continuing to raise this policy with relevant BU staff. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor is in support of this policy and has asked for library services team to prioritise work on reading list access. Improved reading list access is expected to be available from the start of the next academic year.

Updated: 29/06/2021
Completed by: SU VP Education
Proposed by: Summit policy
Lobbying for tuition and accommodation rebates

You said: As a result of the pandemic, we understand that many of you are frustrated with the lack of compensation for lost face to face teaching time and accommodation that you have been unable to occupy. At Summit, you voted on two policies mandating that SUBU work on lobbying both BU and the government to secure improved financial support.

We did: We are continuing to raise the issues at a senior level with BU and with our local MP. Whilst we secured additional funding from the government, we maintain that this was not nearly enough and a higher amount needs to be offered to universities to support widespread rebates. We have also developed a webpage containing resources and information on how you can take action and support our lobbying process. Our NUS delegates also attended National Conference at the start of April, collaborating with other SUs on how to continue effectively lobbying for tuition refunds. SUBU supported the Students United Against Fees Digital Day of Action by lobbying the Government to offer refunds to students.

Updated: 14/04/2021
Completed by: SU President
Proposed by: Summit policy
Improving online timetables

You said: At Summit, you voted on a policy to improve online timetables, including being able to add extra entries and better support from BU on how to access timetables.

We did: The VP Education has raised the issue at BU's Digitalised University IT Committee. BU have confirmed that software is available for students to edit their timetables, and this will be shared with students in due course.

Updated: 29/06/2021
Completed by: SU VP Education
Proposed by: Summit policy
Receiving timely and useful feedback on assessments

You said: At Summit and through SimOn, many of you have raised the issue of delays in receiving marked work. We also received comments relating to the quality of feedback, with some students sharing that they did not find that their feedback demonstrated how they could improve their work.

We did: We are now tracking this issue on SimOn, analysing all recent feedback relating to exams, assessments and feedback. We have shared some of this feedback with BU and will continue to monitor the issue. This has now moved to our routine monitoring of SimOn data on feedback.

Updated: 29/06/2021
Completed by: SU VP Education
Proposed by: SimOn feedback
Establishing a hardship fund for access to clubs and societies

You said: SUBU’s VP Opportunities identified the financial barrier to clubs and societies that prevents many students from signing up. As part of their manifesto, they were committed to establishing a hardship fund to allow students to access financial support for joining and club or society.

We did: Our staff worked alongside the VP Opportunities to establish the fund, securing £1500 for students to access. Find out more about the scheme and how to apply here.

Updated: 22/03/2021
Completed by: SU VP Opportunities
Proposed by: FTO Manifesto Point
Supporting students staying on campus over Christmas

You said: Some of you would be staying in Bournemouth over the Christmas break. We worked with BU to support you through this period.

We did: We delivered a programme of online events to keep you entertained over the break. Please find the details here. BU also had their own support in place, including social activities and any welfare help.

Updated: 19/01/2021
Completed by: SU VP Welfare and Community and VP Opportunities
Proposed by: Student Feedback
Increasing FTO accountability to students

You said: In SimOn feedback, you asked for more transparency over how your FTOs work for you and how their daily work translates into action.

We did: This semester, we introduced Officer Question Time, giving you the opportunity to hear what your officers have been up to and ask them any questions. We also created this page so you can see what is currently being worked on by your officers.

Updated: 12/11/2020
Completed by: President
Proposed by: SimOn feedback
We Are Freshers/We Are Returners survey feedback

Ahead of students arriving at or returning to BU for 2020/21, SUBU sought feedback to find out the information, opportunities, support and events students would most like. We now have the results from both of these surveys and here is how we've responded to the key feedback:

You said: Making friends and joining a club or society were what you were most looking forward to about BU.

We did: We planned a host of in-person and online events. Joining a club or society is also a great way to meet new people, and many are still running activities you can safely take part in. We also ran a 'Meet your clubs and societies' event. You can find a full list of our clubs and societies with details on how to get involved here.

You said: Social events and clear information would support the best start possible for you at BU.

We did: Where possible, we are running in person events safely, in-line with government restrictions. Dylan’s bar and The Old Fire Station are open and are also running events, including the Dylan’s quiz every Tuesday from 6.30pm. All events are available on SUBU What’s On page, and you’ll also find a new calendar version on the SUBU homepage.

You said: Food festivals, volunteering opportunities, and bingo nights were listed as events you were most interested in.

We did: We have organised a variety of in-person, online and pre-recorded events for you to take part in. These include food tutorials like our 'SUBU Fake Off', cook-alongs run by our societies and our Bonfire Bingo Night at TOFS. Whatever you’re interested in, there should be something for you to get involved with.

You said: Events, clubs and societies, and competitions were the online content you’d like to see from SUBU.

We did: The SUBU calendar of events that’s been put together for term one combines a variety of online events, including introductory sessions and 'Fitness Fridays' offered by our clubs and societies. We also have competitions running including an upcycling competition; all you have to do is upcycle something, give it a new lease of life and submit the end product. The winners will receive a sustainable night in hamper! There’s a variety of online content to get involved with, simply check the SUBU website.

You said: One of your biggest concerns for the new term was money.

We did: SUBU ran a financial literacy workshop as part of Black History Month. We also worked with BU to host an online part-time job fair in order to help you secure work around your studies. Please remember that our Advice team are there to help you with budgeting advice and provide you with signposting for financial support.

Updated: 12/10/2020
Completed by: SU President
Proposed by: Survey
Clubs and societies funding

You said: At BSM, you voted on a policy demanding a better system for funding clubs and societies.

We did: We have now developed a more transparent system for how funding is allocated across clubs and societies. You can find the details of the new system here.

Updated: 12/10/2020
Completed by: SU VP Opportunities
Proposed by: Big Student Meeting
Availability of laptop loan scheme on campus

You said: Students were concerned about the availability of laptops on campus. The scheme was thought to be on pause for hygeine reasons during the Pandemic.

We did: We contacted BU to lobby for the availability of laptops. The scheme will now continue in the library (only) and student can books PCs through the myPC app.

Updated: 12/10/2020
Completed by: VP Education
Proposed by: Student feedback