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Last Updated: Friday 16th February


At SUBU, we value your feedback. It is at the heart of everything we do, to ensure that we create a positive impact on every single student and that we work for students. We receive feedback on a wide range of student issues, through emails, surveys, SimOn, contact with Full Time Officers, Student Reps, our Student Summits and other channels.

We use this page to keep you updated on what SUBU is doing about your feedback – it shows you the work that we are carrying out to enhance your student experience here at BU. This work is shown below by topic and in the order of the most recent student issues first. Each topic has at least one Full Time Officer assigned to lead it.

For the different ways to share feedback with us, please see the top of this page. If you have any further questions about the content of this page, please contact where a member of our Student Voice and Policy team will deal with your inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to improve your experience at SUBU.


You said: You voted in favour of a SUBU Summit policy that proposed the creation of an official SUBU Discord hub. This will bring more students together as they will be able to interact more informally through the hub, and interactions will not be limited to online events.
We are working on: VP Opportunities has attended several meetings within SUBU dedicated to the creation of the official Discord. This will be launched later on in the semester.

Being worked on by: SU VP Opportunities Proposed by: SUBU Summit

You said: We received feedback asking for SUBU to offer more support with lobbying BU to improve reading list access.
We are working on: We provided student support to transform this idea into official SUBU policy, which you voted on at SUBU Summit. We have prioritised this issue as part of our policy work, and the VP Education will be bringing this issue to the attention of key staff members at BU.

Being worked on by: SU VP Education Proposed by: Student feedback

You said: At SUBU Summit, you raised the issue around the lack of a No Detriment Policy for this academic year. You wanted us to share your feedback around the current academic policies in place to support student assessments, ensuring that SUBU prioritised supporting students with their assessments during the ongoing pandemic.
We are working on: Since the start of the pandemic, we have been collecting your feedback on the impact of Covid on your learning experience. Last year, we collected student voice that led to the creation of the No Detriment Policy for 2019/20. BU have now introduced a different policy for this academic year, which does not include the 'safety net' aspect of the previous No Detriment Policy. We have continued to collect student voice on your ongoing academic support. Last semester, we held a discussion group at SUBU Summit around student demand for BU to reintroduce their No Detriment Policy, and in January 2021 we held a forum so that you could share your views on the current support available. We will also be holding an Officer Question Time based on BU’s current ‘Protecting Student Outcomes’ policy. Any feedback will then be shared with BU to ensure that your views are taken into consideration.

Being worked on by: SU VP Education, SU President Proposed by: SUBU Summit

You said: Within the current national lockdown, we understand that the majority of students are continuing to experience online learning as their primary mode of delivery. Through student emails and SimOn, we understand that some students are still experiencing technical issues, with some inconsistencies across the different departments at BU. You have raised issues around Zoom software, the recording and uploading of lectures, and timetabling issues.
We are working on: We are continuing to monitor all feedback on SimOn relating to the quality of online teaching and learning. We are breaking down all specific comments relating to teaching and learning, presenting this data to key BU staff members and raising the issue at relevant meetings. We also used Speak Week to pose a question to all students that specifically related to your views on the transition to online learning. This was also shared with BU.

Being worked on by: SU VP Education, SU President Proposed by: Student Feedback

You said: Within the current national lockdown, we understand that many students are now unable to access halls that they are contractually obliged to pay for. Under the current government guidance, we understand that this could be until mid-February, but we also understand that this could continue for the rest of the semester.
We are working on: We have raised this issue at BU and continue to prioritise lobbying for rent reductions. Both the President and VP Welfare & Community have raised this issue with senior leaders at BU. We will be writing to all accommodation providers, including private letting agents and local MPs, lobbying these companies to offer rent rebates to students. We are monitoring the situation and tracking the providers who have offered rebates to students (currently Unite and Student Roost).

Being worked on by: SU VP Welfare and Community, SU President Proposed by: Student Feedback

You said: At BSM, you voted on a policy for SUBU to support accessible periods through supplying free sanitary products.
We are working on: This policy has now been expanded to include the availability of environmental period products. We have launched our Environmenstrual Collective and we are working on the availabiity of sustainable period products in our shop at cost price.

Being worked on by: SU VP Welfare and Community Proposed by: BSM and FTO Manifesto

You said: More support is needed for international students seeking employment in the UK. SUBU aims to support International students by finding out more about their BU experiences, in particular the development of employability skills for graduate recruitment opportunities.
We are working on: SUBU are developing a survey for international students to be launched in early 2021. This will help us understand the concerns and barriers for international students around UK employment.

Being worked on by: SU VP Opportunitie and Student Voice and Policy team Proposed by: SU VP Opportunities

You said: At BSM, you voted on a policy for SUBU to lobby BU to lower printing costs for students.
Reason for stalling: Due to the Pandemic, fewer students are using printers on campus. The shift to online learning means that students are less likely to print resources. We will re-start our work on this policy once in-person teaching has resumed.

Being worked on by VP Welfare and Community Proposed by: BSM

You said: Some of you would be staying in Bournemouth over the Christmas break. We worked with BU to support you through this period.
We did: We delivered a programme of online events to keep you entertained over the break. Please find the details here. BU also had their own support in place, including social activities and any welfare help.

Completed by: SU VP Welfare and Community and VP Opportunities Proposed by: Student Feedback

You said: In SimOn feedback, you asked for more transparency over how your FTOs work for you and how their daily work translates into action.
We did: This semester, we introduced Officer Question Time, giving you the opportunity to hear what your officers have been up to and ask them any questions. We also created this page so you can see what is currently being worked on by your officers.

Completed by: President Proposed by: SimOn feedback

Ahead of students arriving at or returning to BU for 2020/21, SUBU sought feedback to find out the information, opportunities, support and events students would most like. We now have the results from both of these surveys and here is how we've responded to the key feedback:

You said: Making friends and joining a club or society were what you were most looking forward to about BU
We did: We planned a host of in-person and online events. Joining a club or society is also a great way to meet new people, and many are still running activities you can safely take part in. We also ran a 'Meet your clubs and societies' event. You can find a full list of our clubs and societies with details on how to get involved here.

You said: Social events and clear information would support the best start possible for you at BU
We did: Where possible, we are running in person events safely, in-line with government restrictions. Dylan’s bar and The Old Fire Station are open and are also running events, including the Dylan’s quiz every Tuesday from 6.30pm. All events are available on SUBU What’s On page, and you’ll also find a new calendar version on the SUBU homepage.

You said: Food festivals, volunteering opportunities, and bingo nights were listed as events you were most interested in.
We did: We have organised a variety of in-person, online and pre-recorded events for you to take part in. These include food tutorials like our 'SUBU Fake Off', cook-alongs run by our societies and our Bonfire Bingo Night at TOFS. Whatever you’re interested in, there should be something for you to get involved with.

You said: Events, clubs and societies, and competitions were the online content you’d like to see from SUBU
We did: The SUBU calendar of events that’s been put together for term one combines a variety of online events, including introductory sessions and 'Fitness Fridays' offered by our clubs and societies. We also have competitions running including an upcycling competition; all you have to do is upcycle something, give it a new lease of life and submit the end product. The winners will receive a sustainable night in hamper! There’s a variety of online content to get involved with, simply check the SUBU website.

You said: One of your biggest concerns for the new term was money
We did: SUBU ran a financial literacy workshop as part of Black History Month. We also worked with BU to host an online part-time job fair in order to help you secure work around your studies. Please remember that our Advice team are there to help you with budgeting advice and provide you with signposting for financial support.

Completed by: SU President Proposed by: Survey

You said: At BSM, you voted on a policy demanding a better system for funding clubs and societies.
We did: We have now developed a more transparent system for how funding is allocated across clubs and societies. You can find the details of the new system here.

Completed by: SU VP Opportunities Proposed by: Big Student Meeting

You said: Students were concerned about the availability of laptops on campus. The scheme was thought to be on pause for hygeine reasons during the Pandemic.
We did: We contacted BU to lobby for the availability of laptops. The scheme will now continue in the library (only) and student can books PCs through the myPC app.

Completed by: VP Education Proposed by: Student feedback



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