Talk to your Student Rep about your feedback on any aspect of your student experience, whether it relates to teaching, assessments, your timetable, university buses or SUBU. Student Reps are trained and supported by SUBU and they ensure your feedback is represented in the right places.

SimOn is our Simple Online feedback tool which allows students and Student Reps to give feedback on a wide variety of areas relevant to their university experience. This includes campus facilities, teaching staff, SUBU and much more. SimOn makes it possible for all student feedback to be collected in a single space and for it to then be given to the right people in order for your voice to be heard and for changes to be made!

Each semester SUBU runs a Speak Week, which is five days dedicated to collecting feedback on your student experience. Your Speak Week feedback helps to inform the work that our Full Time and Part Time Officer carry out to represent you and your interests to BU and SUBU. SUBU's next Speak Week is 20th - 24th November.

Has a member of BU staff made a real difference to your student experience? Tell them that they are brilliant! You can nominate any staff for a You're Brilliant Award - so that could be teaching staff, support staff, staff in cafes or catering, or even university bus drivers. It is a great way to celebrate the staff who go that extra mile...

This is SUBU's annual survey to find out what students - our members - think of the work we are doing and the services and opportunities we provide. Your feedback here is so important as it helps SUBU to shape our work in line with what you need from us. We normally run How's SUBU for You? in semester 2.

SUBU sometimes needs to run projects to seek feedback from students on specific topics (for example, sports facilities) or in relation to specific students groups (for example, International Students). We might do this in response to known issues for BU students or to gather more information to inform our future plans and the work of our Full Time and Part Time Officers. Whenever we do this, you will be able to find all the relevant information on this page.