Welcome new Reps!

Being a Student Rep is a really fulfilling way to develop your personal skills whilst also having a positive impact on your university experience.


If you have recently been elected to become the student rep for your cohort you’ll need to ensure that you follow the steps detailed on your Successful Rep email letter. This includes: registering online, joining our WhatsApp group chat to keep up-to-date with all things Reps, and completing the online training which you can find below. Once you have completed these steps you will officially be a Rep!

If you have been elected but don't believe you have been passed over the relevant information please email us at and we will get you started.


We can't wait to meet you all!



"Student Reps know first-hand what Students want and need and for that reason they are incredibly important. If you want to improve your course, the university, or your university experience in general, then I greatly encourage you to become a Student Rep.”

Stephen Whalley, Faculty of Science and Technology